“I’ve Got A Little List”
Yonatan Zunger

Good to know the ‘Project Fear’ train has finally left the station in America. I find it delightfully ironic that the seeds of authoritarianism have apparently come with Trump when in reality those freedoms we crave were being attacked long before him by a vulture like press that feasts on sensational bullshit most days. Its why I cant call myself a moderate liberal = Nazi since that definition was redefined. Its a war of two truths. Two ministries, Old and New. And Im a rock in hard place between them. After all this hysteria surrounding Trump, i can honestly say both sides are as bad as each other but I’m more fearful of the Left than Trump. Maybe I’m an idiot, but I don’t see the bogeyman you lot. see.

And lets be honest, would Hillary really be preferable?

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