So you want to get a rampage?

At we analyze every DotA 2 match, tracking many different hero metrics — including rampages.

One of the many in-depth features in the detailed tab of our Hero Directory lists the rampage frequency for each hero; i.e. the percentage of matches that X hero played in where that hero achieved a rampage in the past week.

The best rampage heroes

When filtering matches to include all skill brackets, Meepo just edges out Outworld Devourer. As expected, the most rampages come from core and carry heroes. Phantom Assassin, capable of huge crits, and Sven, with God’s Strength and cleave are unsurprisingly near the top.

Differences between all ranks -> high rank

We can filter our input data down to just high ranking matches like so…

Meepo’s drop-off at ~5k MMR level can possibly be attributed to Meepo being a favourite pick for smurfers, or account boosters. By playing at a bracket far below their skill level, they’re inherently more likely to achieve a rampage.

At lower levels, carry players often forgo necessary defensive items. With target prioritization at a lower level, players can sometimes get away with glass-cannon style Sniper/Templar Assassin builds. Putting all their gold into offensive items such as MKB or Daedelus, increasing their rampage chances, even at the expense of potentially throwing the game.

Least common rampage heroes

Some heroes are just not meant for getting rampages. Typically supports, who have very few damage spells, find it nearly impossible to manage to last hit 5 enemy heroes.

There are multiple heroes we have with 0 rampages this week. More interesting are the heroes with only one or two rampages. Someone managed to get a rampage on Chen. Another on Ogre Magi. How is that even possible?!

Some heroes with 0.00% still have a rampage. Their percentage is so low it rounds down to 0.00%

Luckily as we are storing every single match, we can find out.

If we go to the rampages section on any hero page, we can find the match these far-fetched rampages occurred in.

Naturally we downloaded these matches and recorded the unexpected rampages for you to enjoy:

Thanks for reading and happy rampage hunting!


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