Lint Like It’s 2015
Dan Abramov

Ending JSXHint

A year ago, I wrote JSXHint to fill a void; that void has now been filled by better tools. It is soon time to end the project.

I’m glad JSXHint was useful to the community, as it was (and is) useful to me in the many React projects I maintain.

I plan to sunset JSXHint in the near future, and I am very glad to do so. ESLint is a superior project in almost every way. I have been watching the rise of ESLint and Babel with satisfaction. How far we’ve come in such a short time! These projects will become a standard part of every JS developers’ workflow in short order.

JSXHint is (and was) not much more than a useful hack, but it has always been “good enough”. Errors were descriptive, if not off occasionally off by a line or two — but this is far better than nothing and in practice was never a real problem.

JS keeps moving forward at breakneck speed. How will we be writing code at this time next year?