Advice on How do I make up my Mind? Just do it.

Indecision has plagued me for so many years I’ve lost count. I’m not an impulsive type, yet sometimes I’ll surprise myself. Mainly the impulsiveness will be related to some form of travel. I know how airline rates go sky high within moments of dipping down, so a good deal is snatched up quickly. Then I waffle over my decision going “did I really just do that?!”

Impulsiveness has the connotation of being reckless. One of my friends is incredibly impulsive and I envy them. They honestly live each day with the uncertainty of what exactly is going to happen. Their one job, which is a nighttime gig, is also on call. They may work that night or they may have it off. And another thing is that they may travel hundreds of miles to their destination.

With their friendship I have had to teach myself to be random. It’s a learning curb because I’m a planner and I like to make my decisions far in advance. When I go to a restaurant not only do I know where it’s located, I know their menu, what I’ll order, and several other restaurants within the same area. Just in case that place doesn’t work for some reason.

If a decision is made I like to have the logistics of it figured out. So, my few friendships where they can only see me in unplanned moments throws me off kilter. They ask me where we should go and my mind goes blank. I haven’t researched anything, my mind was prepared to go into P.J.’s within two hours.

I need to make a decision, do I choose predictable, introverted quiet moments or this uncertainty of what the fuck am I doing?

Living in the moment

I choose what the fuck am I doing and my nerves buzz. My friends pick up on the fact that I am uncomfortable, or that I seem incapable of relaxing. Yes, of course, I’m outside my element. I have lost sight of being able to predict a situation and the variable consequences of my actions. It’s exciting, terrifying, exhilarating, and a wide array of different sensations at once.

I feel like this is what they mean by ‘living in the moment’ where you don’t have the ability to feel comfortable. The whole point is to shake things up and to fly by the seat of your pants. Its disconcerting and wonderful at the same time.

My advice to those who become thrown off by impulsive decisions is to say yes. Even if the experience becomes something where you get lost you may lose yourself in something great. Or, you may learn that you can handle situations better than you ever imagined.

The Worst Case Scenario

Say the worst case scenario happens. You lose your car in a big city and spend hours searching for it, for an example. That’s what has happened to me more times than I can count. I have taught myself how to escape a panic attack and to force myself to think rationally. That I need to retrace my tracks and trust in the fact I can handle whatever I’m faced with.

Make the decision to befriend someone completely opposite of you. That lives in this moment, this day, not knowing where or what they’re doing. Their unpredictability may inspire to take more risks in your own life and how you live it.

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