Deliver Me In Decadent Kisses

We sit on the bed together facing each other. The broken handcuff I put on myself dangles precariously from my delicate, dainty wrist. More uses it to direct my body wherever he damn well pleases. He positions me so I’m in a submissive position beneath him and I snap my teeth at him.

His lips possessively kiss me and he owns them. More’s tongue ring plays against the edges of my own tongue. He suddenly stops kissing me and looks down at my body with a speculative expression. It’s one that says oh the terrible things I will do to you, you just have no idea.

I grunt and he sits on top of my body. He slides my arms underneath me and holds me in this position. My arms are twisted underneath my legs in an awkward way. His grin on his youthful, and inherently playful face says he has me where he wants me.

My legs are propped open and I stare down at him. He gives me this look like he has the best things in mind for me. His fingers grip my thong and pushes it to the side.

My mouth parts with a withheld exclamation. His tongue ring plays against my clit. It traces the soft, petal like places in lazy circles. I pulse underneath his weight, cursing him through clenched teeth.

“Why don’t you ever give in, MD?”

He asks me and pauses to put his head sideways on my thigh. More teases me with breathing next to the area. His hot breath tickles the inside of my thigh. I try to move away from him and he holds me fast.

“Because I never do, you should know this by now about me.”

“Hmmm, it’s much easier for you if you just give in.”

“So you say,” I retort through gritted teeth.

His tongue finds its way back into my clit and I sigh. The slick sweat covering our bodies makes it easier for me to wiggle an arm free. I uncover a hand and he’s too occupied to retrieve it.

The feeling of his tongue finding areas gets me distracted from my thought to escape. I place my free hand on his head and lightly massage it. I put pressure on his ears and he pushes his tongue inside me.

I pump my hips and grip his face harder against me. He delves a singular finger inside of me and I let out a gasp. He proceeds to fuck me with it. I make a crescendo of moans and writhe underneath him.

He offers me the finger that fucked me. I readily take it in my mouth with a hungry groan. My tongue caresses his finger from the tip of the nail to the bottom of his joint. He mumbles softly in surprise and I open my hazel eyes to stare into his deep brown.

He takes the finger I sucked on and removes it from my eager mouth. His wet fingernail leaves a trail down the middle of my cleavage.

His lips approach mine and I look deeply into his gaze. We kiss gently, like tender lovers and then crush our lips together. His tongue darts inside my mouth and finds every corner within it. I haven’t had someone kiss me like with him in… forever. Maybe ever, the thought crosses my mind.

We part from this act and I’m panting. My panties are slick with wetness and I rub my thighs together. Ugh, it feels both ridiculous and amazing.

“What is your breaking point?”
“Maybe I have none?”

“Everyone has one, they have to so you have to. Did you finally get tired? You aren’t fighting anymore.”

“Screw you, just watch.”

I’ve quieted underneath him but I hear the challenge. I buck my hips and he tries to ride my motion. He gets thrown from his position and I slide my body toward the edge. I fall onto my knees and retreat toward the farthest wall.

My body is ready for his approach but he throws me off. More shifts onto his knees and crawls toward me. I’m deeply turned on, curious, unsure what to do. I could force him backward and cradle his head so it doesn’t crash against the hard ground.

He crawls until he’s even with my lower abdomen. This gorgeous man stares up at me and smiles. More bows his necks forward. He presses his face against my stomach and kisses the skin. His finger finds a way inside my thong underwear again. He pulls it aside and flicks a tongue at my clit while he starts to finger fuck me again.

I enjoy him so much in this position. There’s this extreme vulnerability and submission that pushes an unknown button I've never had touched before.

I mumble gently and touch his head tenderly. He eats me out like he’ll find that key to breaking me finally. There’s a thought that he’s taken inadvertent control and I move away from him.

He stands up and grins at me. We lock into a defensive stance and I push him backward. His back hits the dresser and I feel victorious. Just then he takes me and throws me back into the bed. More’s hands lock against my wrists.

There’s this glimmer of something devious. This gorgeous man mounts me and moves like a sexy, naked male entertainer with his hips. He precedes to roll his body and erection toward my mouth. It parts in preparation to take him inside. More pulls away at the last second as my tongue reaches out to touch the tip.

He makes a mistake and loosens his hold on my arms. I pull them from me and force his hips to crush my face with his dick. It enters my mouth and I moan instinctively at my jaw being stretched to the max. His long, hard, unusually thick length touches the back of my throat. I’ve missed deep throating a man and pump my hips without thinking.

He pulls his dick away from me. I give him a curious look from underneath his dominating figure. He blocks out the fluorescent light bulb overhead. His hand rubs the back of his neck with a bashful expression.

“If you keep this up I’m going to cum.”

“Please do, I bet you’re delicious.”

He raises an eyebrow at my blunt reaction. I love men cumming and if they can in my mouth, that’s even better.

I take him back inside and he groans. My hands grip his fine ass and encourage him to push inside deeper and deeper. He starts thrusting with my rhythmic encouragement to go further and hit the back of my throat. My tongue runs up and down the length as I service him with a gleeful expression.

He grunts and I feel him filling my mouth full. The taste is just as delicious as I imagined. There’s a slight minty flavor and I immediately want more. I milk every last bit from him and continue to encourage him to fuck my mouth.

I haven’t had a man mount my face and fuck it in forever. He pulls his softening dick away and I visibly pout at this. He flops onto the bed and puts a hand on his forehead. My tongue licks my lips and I drag blunt nails down his stomach to his thigh.

There’s the question of if I can get another round out of him. I would hope it’d be a yes, and I grin at him with a dangerous look. I decide to let him rest for a little bit before I go back for an attack.

We are the best kind of fun and terrible together.

Thank you for reading! — MentalDessert

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