Naked and Kneeling

Some of the best sex of my existence repeats

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The air has a crisp coolness and the moon shines overhead. A phone number pops up on my phone and interrupts my Pandora. I know that answering it will turn it into a booty call. This man is the only who doesn’t have the physical distance of miles separating us.

He’s also one of the best sexual experiences of my life. He craves it like me, gives completely into it unlike any other human being I’ve met. I know it’s detrimental, combustible to have this much enjoyment out of it. Or, to have someone that lasts for hours without breaking.

Our combining together is like the missing pieces of a sexual puzzle. Something that lights on fire and leaves the other smoldering aftewards. Where we both reset, recharge, become absolutely relaxed from this. He owns my body in the moments that we strip down in front of each other.

My finger plays with sliding to answer it. Teeth gnash into my bottom lip. I slide to the right and I know what I’ve started.

“Isle, hey. What’s going on?”

There’s a slight pause on the other side. I can sense the confusion.

“MD, I wasn’t trying to call you.”

I can’t help laughing at the surprise in his tone.

“Well, what? You butt dialed me?”

I chuckle and play with him a little.

“Your next to a name I was calling. Well since I have you on the phone, where are you at?” he asks me.

There’s a raising of his voice that exudes the sexuality from his deep baritone.

“Over by the front of the complex walking. Want to come join me?”

“You’re walking?” he asks incredulously.

I stop my movements and tilt my head up to look at the stars. My foot taps a random beat and I remember all the times over the past year how we’ve come across each other at night.

“You know I walk and dance around the apartment complex late at night. Come on now, you. Now get over here if you want.”

We hang up the phone and I wait a few seconds getting in more cardio before we tangle with each other. He calls me again unable to find me and I describe where I’m at.

“You just stay in that spot.”

There’s something about him that I haven’t been exposed to before. He’s inherently dominant and loves to give commands during sex. One of the most unabashedly kinky men I’ve ever met. He also loves to encourage me to talk dirty during the act but my mind just doesn’t function.

His lanky stride gives him away immediately as he approaches me. He wears a pair of capris pants and a white shirt. His oversized feet have flip flops with socks. A man of endless back, legs, arms that I know can pick me up within an instant.

There’s this handsome, mischievous grin on his face. Like he knows exactly that I’m ready and willing to let him have me in any which way. We walk forward together and he goes to the dilapidated apartments where everything has been stripped down. They are unlivable until they are completely gutted and restructured again.

“They probably can’t be accessed, but you keep trying. How did your day go?” I ask him.

“These free assessments are killing me. And one will be open.”

He tests doors randomly to see if one opens. I’m looking forward to not sharing my space anymore with another and having a proper place to fuck within a month. One of the doors open and the grin grows on his face like he’s a kid that just won a prize at the arcade.

We walk inside of it and crawl through boards into the main space. The front door jam catches the pocket of my shorts and pulls me back. He moves ahead of me and I push the door jam from holding onto my fabric. When we both enter the vacant room I make sure to put a little bit of space between us.

He comes at me in the secluded area where our footsteps echo endlessly. There isn’t any furniture to absorb the noises of our breathing. I back away and shake my head. I’m more than aware that I want to fuck him, but I do have a bone to pick first.

“Oh, no no there Isle. Remember, you said you fucked the mystery out of me? You don’t get it that easy.”

I know he was playing a bit with me when he said it. It’s harmless and makes me more curious than anything. I want to understand why he thinks he understands me.

I come from a family that does occasional poking of my psyche to access it. My way of being is to confront things and ask questions of what the hell is actually meant.

He grins at me and those piercing brown eyes see straight through me. I don’t know if this is a Scorpio thing but something tells me it is. They are mysterious, inherently intuitive and a sexy sort of intelligence. His stare is a disconcerting experience. I can’t hold our gaze for long before I feel like he strips me naked without taking any of my clothing off. It’s like he can see everything normally hidden from others.

“I get what your mystery is and how to use it to my advantage. Doesn’t mean I’m not still interested, just that you’re fun.”

He says and keeps closing the distance between us. I roll off to the side and play a game of catch me if you can.

My body wants to give in to him but my mind says not quite yet.

He unbuttons my tiny shorts and uses them to pull me closer to him. My hips jut backward in stubborn retaliation. It’s hot, undeniably sexy how he owns my body as soon as we are in this private space. It’s like we shed our masks to fully embrace the sexual beasts underneath the layers of our humanity.

“I liked being mysterious. How do you know how to use whatever mystery you supposedly and completely figured out about me against me?”

“Let me show you how.”

He shoves his oversized hand in my shorts and a finger traces my outer labia. He makes quick work of pushing his large index finger inside me with a pulse of thrusts. I don’t know how this younger man keeps finding my G-spot but like a missing button he pushes it.

I moan and spread my legs for him without even thinking. Then I shake my head and bounce away from him. My feet stomp as I make a tight circle and shake off what his touch did to me.

“You scratched the fuck outta my glasses! And my knees are still bruised from us fucking on this concrete like animals. You are a sex maniac.”

“So are you, you know you are. But damn let’s see what you’re talking about,” he says.

Isle puts his flashlight on the brightest setting. I take off my glasses. Deep gouges and scratches are on the lenses especially on the right side. His light shines down on my legs and the bruises cover my shins and knees from the rough floor.

If you asked me to do it again I would. My bumps and bruises aside it was some of the best sex of my entire life.

He chuckles a little and gives me an apologetic smile. Isle looks so boyish with how he flashes his teeth at me. His hand rubs the back of his neck and he comes back at me.

“I am sorry, especially about the glasses. I used to wear them back in the day.”

“It’s okay, but it’s gonna be hard for me to get on that floor again.”

I can feel him trying to smooth things over. He takes several steps forward and his hand rests on my shorts again. His scent is that deep, rich smoky aroma that I’ve enjoyed since we first got close to each other.

There’s a paranoia and rampant excitement at being caught. Each time we do this I’m sure we are tempting fate even further.

When he slides his hand down again I can’t help the smirk on my lips. There’s that ease of pushing within my labia lips. My clit is briefly brushed against. I think he knows from our second tryst that I orgasm intensely, and continuously, through penetration.

He pulses a finger and then a second one inside. I groan and lean my head against his narrow chest. I allow him to push down my shorts and frilly underwear. He positions me next to a stripped down railing with my ass out.

“I won’t have you get down on your knees this time.”

I know that if he told me to do it I would. I just want him to fuck the feelings out of me. His hand traces my ample ass and I put my elbows on the rough railing.

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