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How To Be My End All And Be All

How to be the meaning behind it all

You are my end all and be all

you’re the meaning behind

my infinity informed smile

lips pulled back to bare

pearly whites shimmering

in the light of your sun

you’re the perfect radiation

for me to survive again and again

the safe haven I turn to

when I feel like the world

might burn me alive

you remind me I will be the one

doing the burning, setting afire

all the questions of whether

I can do this or not

complete my question marks

with a definite period

the exclamation point

to my way of living

you’re the answer that I can

the word always

is seared on both our lips

you tell me I’m good people

I respond with

you’re the best people

seeing me at my baser being

when my humanity is questioned

by my own lips you’re the reminder

that I am this flesh and blood

bringing me back to myself

take me as I am

not as I was before

see me morph

and watch my shifting shape

celebrate every form I take.