So there’s beauty in the down and dirty artwork of humanity or artwork because of it’s down and…

I always enjoy your mind inquiring into my headspace! It makes me think in ways I wouldn’t which is always like the best kind of fun. I’m always analyzing and trying to see different variations and patterns in life. I’d say the first one, there’s beauty in the down and dirty Artwork of others. That some of the most beautiful pieces for me in Art show the darkest of humanity.

So, I guess I’m not exactly a sunshine and flowers kind of art person but that can be enjoyable to witness. The best Pieces causes me to question things, it opens my eyes to seeing the world in a way I never imagined. And humanity is like a walking canvas and living, breathing Artwork of emotions and past histories that we will never completely discover. Because every person has a different path and a different life painting the colors of their living canvas.

Hopefully that makes sense, and I’m glad that my characters come across well fleshed out! I really want that since I’m ending up with a lot of different stories being started and continued. So, I’m having a lot of different people and I try to have their uniqueness shine.

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