I have an opinion. How about you change yourself?

His eyes capture mine for a moment. I break the gaze because it’s too much. The way he looks at me always has that intensity to it.

“I like your hair now. You were doing some kind of boy cut for awhile there,” he says.

My eyebrows pop up and I touch the locks growing past my ears. The process of getting them tamed, brushed, submitted to is annoying. I rather roll out of bed without even needing to wet my locks and reset them again. I’ve been known to wet my hair in the bathroom to try to get untamable pieces to submit to me.

“I like having my hair boy short. I just can’t find a good stylist to keep at it. So it keeps growing,” I reply.

He shrugs his shoulders with a brief up and down movement. I get why men like longer length to someone’s locks but for me it’s a pain in the ass. I’m not a girl who likes to primp and preen herself for hours. For me it’s wasted time, for others it’s well spent moments. I just prefer to put SPF on my face and head outside within minutes.

There’s a problem people have with hair. It seems to be the same about weight, which people share their opinion without my asking them. I never tell friends what they should do with their hair, body, diet, unless they ask my opinion.

Opinions abound without the need to ever ask for someone’s piece of mind. I’ve had diet advice shared with me even though I don’t believe in it. My favorite is women telling me to wear makeup, I’d be so much prettier with it. While all my guy friends tell me they can’t stand women with globs of it on.

“If you wore mascara you’d look really pretty.”
“If you wore lipstick it’d make your lips look better.”

“If you kept your ideas to yourself, that’d be awesome. I’m pretty damn content with myself right now. Thanks!”

I remind them I don’t like the stuff on my skin. I feel like I’m wearing a mask on top of my own skin. They may love it, live for it, but for me it’s something that makes me more self conscious. Not less.

I say as long as you’re happy, healthy, and not killing anyone we’re good. Do whatever makes your world expand instead of shrink.