I’m fond of rambling around on the holidays on my lonesome.

It’s amazing and quite a different to be in a space filled with people and feel… unconnected. Lonely. Yet, you can be alone and not feel that pang in your heart. That’s how I felt with most Thanksgivings when I went with my father to his family’s gathering. Painful small talk and oceans of emotional distance between these people and I. There was no way you could forge a bridge to cover that kind of far away-ness.

Going to a place with bustling activity can be quite a contrast. I feel like this holiday is an excuse to reflect on the past year. Hell, it might have been a shit show circus but there’s still light in the darkness. You just gotta open your eyes to see it.

Ryguy — stuff to ponder on, and the gratitude is something I think we as human beings gravitate against. But, it’s always a good thing to practice.

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