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Let’s Play Hard To Fuck

How long can you wait to play fuck or be fucked?

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I don’t know when he’ll fuck me. My stark nakedness to his clothed body is apparent to me. My large breasts heave heavy against my rib cage. I sit on the carpeted floor with my knees tucked underneath myself. I’m positioned like a human Sphinx in a compact position. My arms cross behind my back. The ache of being on the ground spreads from my knees to my neck.

I try to tuck my head down like a good submissive. Instead, I find it impossible to do. I stare into his brown eyes like a silent challenge for him to fulfill. Do what you want with me. I’m yours. In this present moment and always, my eyes say. I wonder what my hazel eyes look like. Have they darkened with my desire? Or have they lightened to my playful, ocean blue edge?

I can see his erection straining against his jeans. It makes me bite my lip in appreciation. He gives me that smirk I adore a little too much.

He always says that I’m an insubordinate submissive. It’s true, I’ll take it, since I’m never fully just a submissive. Underneath my need to be dominated is another need to dominate. The opposing sides hum within me like a quiet vibration.

He touches me briefly on my shoulders. His blunt nails leave trails of heat against my uncovered skin. I shiver against his touch. The air conditioning kicks on and rattles overhead. The door to my bedroom is open like always as an invitation to have me.

He picks up my right breast. His hand cups the incredibly soft, moldable flesh. He pinches and rolls my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. The pain causes my spine to straighten. In between my legs there’s this dampness growing. I try not to growl in need. The sound escapes my lips and he chuckles to himself. That infuriatingly sexy sound I’m addicted to.

“Shall I use your mouth right now? And cum in it before I even get between those legs of yours?” he asks me.

“Sounds like a decision you need to make.”

I eyeball him with a grumble. I hear his pants unbuckle. The button of his jeans is opened. I hear the zipper slide down and I wet my lips like I’m in the desert. Like his dick is the thing to bring about the water I need from an unending drought.

His erection lists to the side. I wet my lips and open them willingly. He grabs the back of my skull. His fingers wrap into my hair that keeps growing past my shoulders. I’m left waiting for him to guide himself inside. Our eyes meet with that unsaid, innate desire. I wonder if he can see my desperation to taste him.

When his dick enters my mouth I can’t help the happy sigh I release. My jaw relaxes so he can use my mouth. His hand pulls my head back and forth on his length. I sloppily salivate around the girth. He shallowly thrusts within my willing mouth. In my head I egg him on to use it with a wild abandon.

My spit dribbles down my chin. I take steady breaths in with my nostrils. I can smell his manly essence of his. His pubic hairs brush against my nose as I bury my face in his dick. My stomach seizes as I choke on the length. It hits the back of my throat and the sensation causes his dick to grow. I love the feel of it engorging within my suctioned lips.

“Such a good little cock sucker you are. That’s right, choke on my dick,” he mumbles.

I make a mumble around his dick. I wonder if he can feel the vibration of my response. He starts thrusting inside my willing mouth with a ferocity. He fucks my face like it’s my wet, willing pussy. I keep my mouth open and relaxed as he keeps using it. I want to touch myself while he rams his length inside my mouth.

Just as he lets loose he pulls my face from servicing him. His arms slide underneath my armpits and drag me up. His lips greet mine in an all-consuming, breathless inducing kiss. Our tongues rake, drag, dance further into each other’s mouths.

He pulls away from me and I’m left gasping. There’s this devious glint in his brown eyes that says everything and nothing at the same time.

“Choose what you want me to use on you. Then, drape yourself on the bed. Present that ass to me and get that face in the mattress.”

“Whatever I want?” I ask him.

He nods his head and I trot into my bedroom. I always make sure his side of the bed has all of our toys visible to play with. There’s the flaps of leather that snap at the end. I trace the flogger’s design fluid of how the leather breaks off into strands. Then, my fingers roll over the paddle’s one dimensional hardness. My hand stops over the leather riding crop.

I decide to pick up the flogger and paddle. I set them to the side. My eyes search his if I made the correct decision. He merely smirks wider at my questioning look in my eyes. I lean over the firm mattress. My ass wiggles in the air as an invitation to get started.

His hand smacks my left cheek. I jump at the suddenness and grumble. There’s this silence as I wait for him to choose what he’ll use on me. The floggers many leather tails beat against my round ass. The pain stings and heats my skin. I bury my head against the mattress.

“Stay still or I’ll fuck that ass.”

“Mmm, that sounds fun as well,” I whisper.

The flogger smacks against my right ass cheek. I feel his hand dip down to grab the next instrument. I take a deep breath in my lungs and hold it. The air of the paddle whooshing is the first thing I notice. It connects with my skin. The white hot pain slices through my thoughts. I tense up and try to escape it’s ferocity.

He holds me down firmly with his left hand. His right keeps hitting my left ass cheek in a quick succession. I’m trying to breathe through it but I feel my breath caught in my lungs. He aims for the right ass cheek and I can’t help but to jump again.

I will myself to fall into sub space. Each hit is felt distinctly within me. Like a reverberation I can’t escape from. He keeps smacking my ass cheeks relentlessly. They warm deliciously from the contact. The pain only turns me on more. I try to bite the sheet to muffle any noises I might make.

When he stops I think that I’ll have a moment to recover. He instead forces me further across the mattress. His fingers part my legs like he’s inspecting me. I feel his dick at my entrance. He plunges it inside me. The sensation of him forcing himself inside makes my every nerve come alive. I can feel every excruciatingly delicious inch of his length.

He leans his body over mine. His body weight has a strange comfort against my sweaty back. I’m held down helpless against the mattress. Our sweat combines and I smell him. That deeply manly, amber scent of his. He’s everywhere with his consumption of me.

“What do you want, my cum whore?”

He growls the question in my ear. He violates my ear with his tongue. His saliva is hot and wet inside the sensitive area. I try to push my pussy and ass against his dick. He renders me useless with each succinct thrust. My orgasm builds up as he hits that squishy button of my G-spot. The world is dark and all I can see is the light of my orgasm like a beacon.

“You filling me up until I overflow.”

I don’t know if he can hear me. My breath builds up into a growing crescendo of sighs. I know he can feel my pussy preparing to squirt on his dick. He fucks me even harder so that he’s not pushed out by my orgasmic contractions.

“Cum on my dick. Give me every drop of your cum, now.”

I obey his command to cum. My body convulses like I’m having a seizure. My pussy twitches and almost propels his dick outside me. He pumps so hard that I know I’ll feel his hips and thighs colliding against mine the next day. My ass still aches from the spankings he gave me earlier.

His balls scrunch up. I hear that distinct groan. It’s so incredibly sexy and I let out another scream. He bites my shoulder as he pumps his cum within me. I feel his dick twitching within my ever tightening chambers.

I don’t know how he keeps thrusting as he empties every bit of his load. I allow him to use me and grunt underneath his weight. When he stops his arms wrap around my body in a tight, possessive hug.

“I do enjoy it when you’re my good little submissive minx.”

“I won’t guarantee it every time.”

He laughs next to my ear. I can’t help the smile on my lips. When his body weight lifts up I stay stuck in my draped position. He leans down to kiss me on my lips.

I roll onto my back to cup his bearded face within my hands. My fingers dance over the growing edges of his beard. His essence slides down the insides of my legs. I squeeze and rub them together with a satisfied grin. In the game of fuck or be fucked I believe we both won this time.