Playing With Pandora’s Box

If it opens will we ever be able to shut it again?

“You can bite me back.”

I access the tattooed man in front of me. A shifter in the car keeps us separated and I turn my body to face him. The deal of me being able to bite him weighs heavily on my mind. This is a moment where Pandora’s Box could be fully opened with us. And I know once it’s opened we’ll never go back to having it closed again.

I lick my lips and give him a quick once over. He sits back in his seat looking back at me with a small smile formed on his gorgeous, full lips.

“Hmmm, how to go about this,” I say more to myself than him.

He’s always told me his ears aren’t sensitive but I get the feeling they are an area to attack. My eyes rest on his upper body and the nape of his neck. He’s the best playground that I’ve been allowed to partake in.

His body is a sort of deliciousness that I’ve never dreamed of being offered for me to pillage and plunder as I please. Defined pec muscles taper down to visible, flexed abs. I know he has the most delectable hip area where a V is created like a map for me to follow.

I inch toward him and force his neck open to be exposed. Like an animal led to be slaughtered this vulnerable area is given to me. My submissive side edges away as my dominant side takes over. I want to bend him to my will and keep him subdued as he releases little noises in protest.

My lips brush against the skin of his neck. My mouth opens and I sink my teeth gently into the targeted area. His breath catches and my senses hum with excitement. Dragging my teeth upward I bite into his earlobe and I hear an audible moan is released.

A grin forms and I try to suppress it. I’m unsure whether he can feel my smile as I torture him. The noises he makes in response to my kisses and bites are the best aphrodisiac ever. I force his neck into further flexion and move down to the junction of his shoulder and neck. My teeth give his perfect flesh a firm nip.

There’s a part of me skirting the edge of being barely contained. A sexual monster within me that wants to claim this man already. I force myself away from him before I chew into any other areas.

His closed eyes open and he looks at me. There’s this glimmer inside his brown depths that has intensified. I realize I’ve just unhinged Pandora’s Box between us but I tell myself not to care.

“Oh, you make me so curious,” he comments.

“Curiosity killed the cat, you do remember that don’t you?” I ask in a jest.

I’m trying to lighten up the situation. His lips purse together as he seems to access me just as I did him.

“Hmm, but as I’ve told you I’m not a cat. I’m just me.”

Desire is thick in the air and I pant trying to restrain myself. His fingers brush my shoulders and lead up into my hair. My head rolls with his touch and he grabs a fistful of the back of my hair. I know what he’s going to do next. He entwines the locks in between his fingers for a firm hold.

I feel him pull my head back forcibly and I let out a gasp. The feeling is instantaneously electric and it causes my senses to burn afire.

I’m sure my face shows my pure bliss in the deliciousness of having my hair pulled. My throat releases a growl as I try to pull away from his grip. He pulls my neck toward him and kisses it deeply.

A groan escapes my lips and the music playing on his phone grows with our movements. It’s inside of a crescendo of songs and the hip hop beat pulses in the background. I’m aware of his touch brushing across my body, experimenting where he can touch on me. He gets up to my face and I narrow my eyes at him. More tries to touch my lips and I flinch away from him.

“I can touch certain areas of you but these,” he pauses and tries to touch my lips. I back away again and he smiles at me.

“These I can’t get close to. Why is that?”

“I don’t like it. I don’t like people touching my face.”

“That makes me curious as to why. And it makes me want to touch it to find out,” he says.

He comes at me and I feel his body pressure used against me. More presses my wrists against the car side window. The cooler glass meets my hot skin and I fight against him. The glass has fogged with our illicit activities even though the air conditioning blows at full blast. I’m aware of the sweat forming and the summer heat burning through the cars exterior warming the interior area.

He moves his lips close to mine almost as if he’s going to kiss me. Then at the last moment he moves them away and kisses the crook of my neck. His hands move down to my breasts and I instinctively fight harder against him.

I bare my teeth at him like a wild animal. His fingers brush the cleavage exposed with my low cut tank top.

It’s a black top with white polka dots and my lacy bra peeks through the tiny spaghetti straps. There are tiny pink bows that show like a secret surprise to be unraveled and towed with. This is one of my favorite bras to wear just because I’m unashamed to have the focus be on my chest and arms. The pink bows are close to where dimples are created whenever I roll my shoulders back and flex my biceps.

He brushes his fingertips down the middle of my breasts. I snap my teeth at him in warning and shake my head. He chuckles to himself and drags a fingernail up from the cavern of my cleavage.

“And these are off limits as well. I think these are your weak point, which is why you don’t want me touching them.”

“Maybe. Maybe not, you aren’t sure of that like it’s a fact.”

“You must have a breaking point. And I think these are part of your breaking point.”

I keep my mouth shut into a grim, tight line. He devours my skin with kisses and moves down my body. My shirt has come up and my tiny shorts have fallen down to expose my hip bones.

There’s this area where my hips create a deep canyon of a curve. It’s an area that men have dug into while I’m orgasming and the feeling makes me scream. It’s that wild sound where you can’t handle anymore stimulation yet they keep pushing your body further. His lips brush against the deep curve. I convulse with laughter and buck against his mouth.

He moves up from his pursuit of claiming my body completely and gives me a peculiar look.

“What is that about? Why are you laughing? That’s confusing me, are you ticklish?” More asks me.

I stare back at him with a blank expression. I’ve always had laughter when someone tries to explore my curvaceous form. Maybe it keeps me safe from them pushing me too past my limits. Sometimes my body wants desperately to moan and I instead wind up in hysterical bouts of rumbling laughter.

“It could be ticklishness. Or it feels so good my mind doesn’t even know how to process it to be honest,” I admit.

“Okay, I can deal with the feel too good thing.”

I test the strength of his grip. He’s loosened it slightly and I pull my left arm free. My released arm pushes him backward with a forceful push. I pin him by the shoulders against the driver’s seat. My eyes devour him like my mouth wants to taste and eat him wholly.

He gives me this look like he’s letting me get the upper hand. I keep him pressed against the fabric of the seat. My lips travel down his hardened abs nipping his skin occasionally. I stop right before his erection and my chin bumps into the rock hard structure hidden beneath his shorts. I blow on the surface above and he lets out an audible groan.

My gaze captures his and I inch back up his body painfully slow. There’s an unsaid challenge that asks him how much longer he can handle what I’m doing to him.

“I think I found my new teasing partner,” he says.

His tone is that of stunned surprise and there’s an edge of withheld excitement. I merely grin in response and kiss the edges of his jawline. My lips brush against his chin and I feel his head turn to try to kiss me. There’s this building desire to just let him have my lips but I dart them away in time to miss his head turn.

I know that if I kiss him it may be all over for me. And I’m having too much fun playing this game of who will break first.

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