Pole Dancing Adventureland

Oh, boy, what did I get myself into? I’d guess this is a normal thought process before your first class.

Let me just say any and all women who pole dance are pretty damn amazing. It takes a crazy amount of skill, muscle strength, and precision. I bought a Groupon for pole dancing classes and felt a knot of apprehension at the pit of my stomach.

I still remember that first day vividly. The instructor was late to the class by thirty minutes or so. I waited in the car with the apprehension bubbling within me threatening to overflow.

She was nice enough, and this was a yoga pole dancing class. We started off with some yoga moves to warm up. The usual drill, sun salutation repeated. Then, we did this move where we balanced our feet on the pole and moved our hands backward.

Basically moving yourself into a handstand with your feet on the pole. I’ve never been one to back away from a challenge so I went for it.

My shoulders killed me for a week afterward. I kept at pole dancing for an entire month. I’ve done that move on a wall and it’s pretty exciting. My muscles have gotten better with it over time.

My first class I had on capri fitness pants. Of course, if you pole dance there’s the quick knowledge why you’re dressed in shorts and a sports bra. This is because it’s all about sticking to the pole. It’s impossible to climb up a pole with pants that go over your knees.

I soon got those kisses of steel I heard the other girls talking about. Bruises covered my legs and arms from my encounters with the pole. I was told Arnica cream is the way to go to help with the automatic bruising until my skin got used to it.

It was fun and I’d do it again. My biggest problem was that the instructors were consistently tardy. And, the classes were cancelled at the last second. I have low patience for putting myself out there and then it being a, ‘whoops, it’s not happening!’ I didn’t make any friends with it, but I tend to be that way. I’m more interested in the craft than socializing.

I got a lot of teasing at my work when it was found out I was pole dancing. They’d kid with me that I was a stripper in disguise. I’d show them the bruises covering my calves and legs with a challenging look. That generally got them to become quiet with their teasing. I’ve been a part of many fitness ventures and pole dancing was one of the most challenging.

It’s exhilarating, exciting, and a total adrenaline rush to experience. It will enhance your muscle strength and fine tune your balance. I just gotta get back into it, eventually, and invest in some Arnica cream.

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