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Make me a music mix

A diverse selection of music serenades me. Headphones hug my ears and I jam to a wide selection of tracks that range from hip hop, jazz, electronic, and so much more.

I feel like I’m in High School. This inherently interesting man made me a digital CD for me to play on Spotify.

He’s someone who keeps being that soft edge I’m drawn to, KW is what I’ve nicknamed him. He’s so different from the Scorpio, and the other men I’ve given myself to. His feeler personality is such a contrast for my logical, unfeeling and unemotional edge.

There isn’t a definition to what we are, a label given, which I appreciate. But, he’s taken up a closer position to the walls keeping everyone out. He doesn’t even mean to say things that make me soften, inadvertently, to his heart-on-sleeve self.

The gift is both romantic, exciting, and has me giddily grinning all day long.

It’s the 90’s again

Remember back in the 90’s when you like liked someone? You’d put down a bunch of tracks on a CD. Scribble down the words, in my case, ‘MD Mix’ and hand it to them with a shy grin?

And there’s this look into your world. This audio playlist of what you love. It’s like having a literal glimpse into someone’s mind. And, for a girl who loves Psychology and the beauty of how humanity and our minds function this is great shit.

It’s such a compiling of all the different genres I’m drawn to with new artists I’ve never even heard of.

If you had me describe him through his music it’d be romantic, adventurous, playful, edged with some rock and rap. Yet, there’s chill ass music and jazz framing the edges. He’s undefinable, yet a mirroring image of my own musical tastes.

My description of my own sound tastes is everything in one combined. It’s why I get cagey whenever someone was dating me and they popped that most hated question:

“Who’s your favorite artist? What music do you listen to?”

I’m always open to new music, new genres, and I passionately love to dance. It’s an essential thing in the core of my being. Dancing is something I can never turn off, and I have a hard time keeping it under control in unnecessary circumstances. It’s my appreciation of the beautiful rhythm with every inch of my body.

Lips recite lyrics I memorized the first time I heard them. Since my mind grips onto the words like glue.

The Promise

He kept promising he’d make it for me and I patiently told him that he gets to it when he just does. My life has been overwhelmingly busy as I work forty plus hours a week. I just wetted my feet in my second job.

I make sure to juggle our time with me getting off my work shift and bringing a change of clothes to secretly throw on when my coworkers aren’t looking.

I find myself binging on the tunes, like what we do nowadays with Netflix and series. Each song is such a contrast to the next. It adds a layer of complexity I already sensed was there with him. But, now I have the audio evidence.

The question is what do I do with this evidence? Have these tunes caused an emotional ear worm to happen chance?

Or, is this smirk merely the cause and effect of someone doing something for me when I just enjoy, and want to, be the one to give. Has he spun me on my axis or am I always in the correct rotation?

Or is it that this time there’s a bit of a vibrational hum of appreciation of something so inherently… thoughtful. It’s just a part of his overwhelming warmth that I felt the moment I met him.

Be the soundtrack of my life, I’ll open my doors a little to let you in.

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