Why Others Have It Harder Never Works

Comparing your misery to another’s will not make it easier

Others have it harder

has never given me perspective

your struggles do not lighten mine

I wish I could carry them for you

to give you something

that lets your shoulders breathe

for you to see the sunlight

the sky so blue and bright

I don’t want your darkness

to swallow you whole

for it to take a toll

yet all I can feel is my own lack of breath

I try to muffle my struggle

so no one can hear it

for it’s my own weight to bear

yet I know you’ll share it

catch my faltering stride

bring me out when I hide

so this is not a game of

who wins and loses

because we all loose

when we play comparisons

it’s a keeping up with the Robinsons

but with fucked up shit

to say I struggled harder

sweat more,

bled brighter red,

is bullshit

I survive with wit

yet I’ll let it all go

to let you know

you are never a sideshow

always humanity’s best

least you forget

I’ll stitch the words in my lips

for you to take a gander

and never miss.