Just ME, not funny, I’m not Funny I’M Bi-POLAR

I HAVE not a story, OR… do I?

RIGHT NOW FEELING REALLY “UP”i am in real time, just speaking too you due to my NEED. My morning has been productive working on a piece I am taking very serious and have used to look at myself, based on my version of event, Just basic human shit that most of us think is or was REALLY MAJOR.(WEST COAST) SHIT……..LIFE’S ON THE HANGIN HERE”(that’s up to LOVE OR your LEVEL of Resentment) which has taken me years or fun and Sorrow to have enough …however it is fiction due to the fact My research is mine, others though of may not agree. In Fact,I am my favorite subject (aren’t you …REALLY?) SO, normally I wear ‘ THE WHITE HAT’. FUCK some of you for even thinking your’s is the Name I’ve “Employed”. some people places and things are neither true or fiction they are simply thoughts, I may or may not have had at the time, THE REAL TRUTH IS I AM BI-POLAR…so best Guess.

You Know most of me, Given the wholesome life I ruled out for myself EARLY…NOT the SEVENTIES or Influences I FOUND, shit to help me arrive where I AM at today AND I AM WAY beyond GRATEFUL….YES I fucked up my 6th Child PATH is much or late (never to late but difficult with those already moved forward beyond this …..aw… LIFE ) making good on “my Wrongs” you you know IF YOU DON’T YOUR Still to young DO NOT BUY A GUN…..THANK YOU.At least SOME of it about AMENDS to what is real or Imagined. NEVER CAN be to sure MEDICATED OR NOT.

NOT IF your like me IF everything be good …Irie…..your really fucked. HAVE A REALLY GOOD TIME , DON’T forget to drink out of dirty glasses share needles make it you sexy guy with MARRIEDAAAAAAAA women. ANYTHING WID BUT NOT EVERYTHING HAVE FUN……or you’ll think your FINE and I don’t know based ON my life if you are Fine you just don’t know what ya don’t know …….Good Day my Friends, MAKE SURE AND VOTE .