Everyone will agree that this past semester was a very eventful one. Well, we look forward to subsequent semesters with even more zeal and expectation.
But let’s not get caught up in the future, nor in the present. Let’s travel through the past and review our past glories. For this piece, we take a look at our 5 best events for the semester.

1. Homecoming Game Night
The First Homecoming Game Night will go down in history as one of the best events ever held on the IGC campus. It saw a much heated basketball match between SUNY Korea and Mason Korea. The SUNY Korea campus community was ever vibrant as the team sped us on to victory.
2. Year End Party
At the end of a year, parties are a great way to take some time off and blow off some steam. There was great food, performances, and we voted for our first Homecoming King and Queen.
2015 Year End Party
This was a great time that engaged the entire campus community before sophomores were sent off to Stony Brook University. Performances were great and the food was on point.
SUNY Korea Day
4. Midnight Breakfast
 If this wasn’t great, I don’t know what else was. Staff members set aside some time to serve students breakfast and encourage them. The breakfast was awesome.
Midnight Breakfast Fall 2015
5. Fall 2015 Orientation
Orientation will always make the list because that’s when it all began :)

2015 was great! Thinking back, looking forward