Roadmap — Decentralizing the Energy Infrastructure

The founders of Surge have announced their intention to bring electric power to market by implementing blockchain technology to establish a token-electricity connection on all electricity produced from its coal-fired thermal power plant. Surge comes to market satisfying the three core elements for a successful power plant operation, which include a stable and cost efficient coal supply, interconnected grid infrastructure, and ready users of electricity. The WATT token layer on top enhances the exchange and distribution of electricity.

Surge’s success, largely, is underwritten by a suite of global institutional partnerships, value of the utility of the token, and global industry know-how, to name a few. Even before the token presale, the following events have been confirmed and can be shared to the market.

International Listing:

Even before we have our first presale, we have confirmations from 2 (top 50) international exchanges to list Surge by the end of the year. Surge is a global project from day one.

First tri-governmental crypto project:

Tripartite agreement between the governments of South Korea, China, and Mongolia.

  • Government of South Korea

Korea Coal Corporation to provide Surge’s coal supply as the owner and operator of the Khtoghor Shanaga Coal Mine.

  • Government of China

Chinese State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) provide financing and construction of the power plant

  • Government of Mongolia

The revenues of the powerplant are guaranteed for 30 years, (POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENT) through the Western Region Energy Security policy of the central government.

Use Cases

  • The electricity produced from the power plant, and the token layer placed on top, will allow for the formation of a transparent, equally accessible electricity market or a blockchain based Peer to Peer Electricity Trading Marketplace.
  • Electricity produced from the power plant will be utilized for providing access to reliable and affordable electricity to facilities within the vicinity of the powerplant.

Global expertise in the implementation of blockchain technology:

Founders of Surge are globally recognized experts in blockchain implementation and the design of token economic structure, which they have done only about a hundred times.

There is so much more that we want to tell you about, but we must uphold our confidentiality requirements in order to protect user value and maximize project performance. We are disciplined in what we convey to the market before the token presale. Mongolia is just the start and there is much to be excited for, in our continued efforts to grow Surge in the long term.

More updates will be shared through our social media channels. To learn more about Surge, please visit or join our Telegram Community!

WATT Token Public Sale to happen on Tuesday 11/16/20201 at 11:40 am UB time

About Surge

Surge is a decentralized electricity trading marketplace, positioned at the intersection of blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), government energy policy, and traditional infrastructure finance to yield energy security, industrial development, community development and financial democracy.

Facebook | Telegram (Global) | Twitter

Surge is not an investment product. Surge is not intended in its design or distribution to be utilized as a form of investment, speculation, or as a financial product. No information herein constitutes financial advice. PLEASE do your OWN research before participating in Surge. Neither the Surge team nor any of its representative affiliates will ever solicit investment advice.

Electricity Trading Decentralized

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Electricity Trading Decentralized

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