Hurricanes, Disaster Pornography, and Climate Change


Basically, Harvey is a perfect example of “disaster pornography.” As with Katrina and Sandy, most of us briefly develop a purient interest for the suffering others as the media feeds us the images of disaster we demand to assuage the boredom daily life. Typically, we will use such disasters not to help rebuild or grow but to push our our own political agenda’s — whether it’s criticism Bush for not “caring about black people”, wondering why Christie put human suffering ahead of Romney winning an election, or using Harvey to push on climate change.

I don’t see what the value add for anyone not directly in the disaster relief or impacted area is to following this coverage. Throw a donation to the Red Cross (or whatever the reputable organization may be) but otherwise this is purely entertainment.

Entertainment is great, but wouldn’t you rather do it with friends or your significant other? At least I would.

In two weeks, how many people outside of Houston will even remember what Harvey is?