Planning the underground railroad

If folks actually believe Trump is a fascist, it’s time to start planning the underground railroad.

There is no leverage over Trump at the federal level now: House Democrats are irrelevant over the next two years then will get crushed in 2018 when all the hypocrisy inherent in being a limousine liberal is brought to the forefront by the brutally negative campaign that the Republicans will run, Senate Democrats just overplayed their hands into irrelevance (when they Reid rule the filibuster for legislation as well because of today’s adolescent tantrum over Gorsuch, what’s the leverage?) and have no plausible way to win in 2018, and the Supreme Court is now in Trump’s hands.

All Trump has to do is revive the economy by focusing on a infrastructure bill that Democrats cannot say no to (Trump literally should just propose Obama’s JOBS ACT, then pinkie swear to Republicans he’ll pull it after the Democrats are crushed in 2018).

There will be so much hypocrisy that will come out about Democrats — from insider trading, to Clinton Foundation style fundraising, to scandals like Susan Rice asking to unmask (correctly for national security reasons, but it looks bad) Trump team officials, to even more ridiculous aspects of professional Democrats behavior which will get disclosed more and more through platforms like WikiLeaks.

In San Jose, I’ve already started. Who is with me?

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