Corporate Media Aren’t “The Press”, And They Don’t Deserve Your Sympathy
Caitlin Johnstone

This is how to do this, not just talk about it online.

Someone should start “impact litigating” the money driven segments of the press out of the conversation (or “They are a part of the press, and for that reason enjoy the same constitutional protections as all the other parts of the press, but they are by far the least healthy part. As much as I dislike Trump, his administration has undeniably been great for shaking up the media war and creating enough movement to force a lot of the lies and manipulations to stand out against the background. It is only a matter of time before people just can’t stomach these obsolete dinosaurs anymore and they finally fade away once and for all.”)

You can watch this video as well to understand the book better.

(See also this case — with is the Theil case that many felt uncomfortable with but may be useful).

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