Trump will be POTUS until 2024 in all likelihood

Oh yah, some “Trump associate” boasting is the smoking gun. Impeachment is a political question that’s already been answered by Republicans continued basic willingingness to “work with Trump on shared goals.”

I really wonder what we are going to look like when this is over.

We aren’t going to address climate change until a tipping point is reached. We just aren’t. The basic trend in income inequality will continue unabated and will only be made worse by tax reform if the legislative agenda gets back on tracks. We are basically turning back the clock on a lot progress on around racial scapegoating. Chrissie Field would have looked like the early stages of the Spanish Civil War if it hadn’t been stopped. There is basically no viable way for the government to pay for baby boomers health care and retirement given that they did not save and the cost is going up. Technology is advancing so fast that most colleges and graduate schools are spitting out students without any marketable skills.

At some point, those of us who can are going to decide when to do this…

I’m not even sure what the solution is exactly. It’s clearly NOT violence or direct action against the POTUS.

I understand what my black flag associates are saying when they say they want to do this, but it’s just not the way to handle this problem. The country would literally fall apart if someone assassinates Trump. It’s not a viable option besides being completely immoral.

I think the basic step to take is to start making working for ICE unacceptable behavior. If you work for ICE or rely on a paycheck from ICE, you shouldn’t be allowed to participate in civil society because you are being uncivilized.