TrumpCare: An opportunity for the resistance

Focus on Senate Republicans who may be persuadable for your organizing networks over the next week now that the Senate version of Trumpcare has been publicized.

Here are the Senators to focus on if you are in those states (or know someone who is in those states). It is far from perfect, but California-based folks concerned about the direction Republicans and Trump are taking the country on health care could consider focusing on persuading Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller (who is considered the most vulnerable Republican for Senate 2018) to vote against TrumpCare.


The singular focus on House 2018 has left me wondering what exactly we are offering grassroots anti Trump energy (who should be commended for still giving us a chance after the way we flubbed 2016).

Empowering Americans to save their health care from Senate Republicans may be an opportunity to unify and move forward.