Some people live their lives to the level of their dreams, while others live life to the level of their wounds. — Dr. David Gruder, Organizational Psychologist

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In his daily meditation, Richard Rohr refers to our broken vision of God’s grace. …

You don’t get harmony when everyone sings the same note.- Doug Floyd

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Teams are like orchestras. People with different skills and personalities create harmony by playing different notes. We can blend by singing the same note; however, most of the time we need color, dimension, and depth in the sound and the culture.

When a musical group creates excellence, it’s called ensemble. When we create high-functioning cultures, it’s the synergy of performance that makes the difference. As Stephen Covey says, synergy is a result that’s greater than the sum of the parts.

The orchestra erases paradigms of culture, race, gender, generation, lifestyle, and other division-creating traps. Musicians replace those learned paradigms with the high-functioning culture of the ensemble. Diversity brings richness to the culture. Vocal groups blend by matching tone, vocal quality, vowel formation, diction, pitch, dynamics and other qualities, but these don’t remove the skill of singing the right notes and producing a pleasing vocal sound. Each performer must step up to excellence for the orchestra or choir to achieve excellence. …



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