8 Positive Aspects of Veganism

1. Flawless digestion system

With the amount of fibre that you will be eating, your digestive system will be processing food much more easily. It will reduce the amount of gases and it will reflourish your good bacterial population in your stomach. Be warned, going vegan in the first months will have a negative effect on your digestive system. You will have more gases and you will feel bloated. But once you’ve passed that hurdle you will be at peace.

2. Your diet will contribute to a lot less suffering of animals

Reducing the amount of animal product consumption will in turn reduce the number of animals slaughtered, enslaved and tortured for you. It will not eradicate all forms of deaths of animals. Plant farming does kill many insects and small rodents such as foxes, rats, mice, and rabbits. The difference is that it is not intentional and that these animals are not forced to be fed, raised, tortured and killed for their flesh. The best you can do, if you have the space and the time, is to grow your own legumes and vegetables.

3. You will be reducing your carbon footprint by tenfold

It is evident that if you decide to only eat a plant based diet, your carbon footprint will drastically reduce. You will no longer support the release of methane from cows and sheep in the atmosphere, or the CO2 release in the atmosphere by the transport of grain to bed fed to the enslaved animals. You will also be saving more water, land, lives than you would ever hope.

4. You will have more compassion for animals and people in need

Animals and pets will become a lot more important to your eyes than most selfish humans. Sometimes giving a voice to the voiceless is the most compassionate approach one could ever adopt. Similarly you will in turn feel compassion for the homeless, traumatised children, PTSD veterans etc. Compassion is not an easy trait to acquire, especially for men, as testosterone is known to have a direct effect on it.

5. You will have the vegan vision

Your awareness of the terrible actions of animal agriculture and animal fashion industry will always be in the back of your mind. Each decision in your life will now push you to be more ethical towards animals but also towards people. You will, if you are truly trying to become a better person, try to buy clothes from local shops, where you are sure that the employees have not been enslaved at a very young age for example. You will attempt to recycle more and take shorter showers. Of course you must still enjoy your life, thus this kind of behaviour will be completely up to you.

6. You are contributing to the development of a new cleaner industry

Going vegan will push entrepreneurs to grasp this new market and penetrate it as soon as possible. The milk and flesh industries who do not now invest in developing new techniques to create mock beef or plant milk, will be failing businesses in the future. Similarly to oil companies, now investing in renewable energy, as they know the switch will happen in the next 50 years hopefully.

7. A vegan diet helps with health, financial, and environmental issues

If you have a hard time losing weight veganism can help you with it. Veganism has also helped many with diabetes, heart issues, cholesterol levels etc. Change in diet allows for acne and allergies to be decreased for example. Experimenting with the diet is also an important part of veganism as each person is different. Identify your goals and objectives in veganism can help you depending on what is important to you, in terms of saving money, health, ethics and your carbon footprint.

8. You will receive some kind of recognition

Some of your friends or family members will recognise your bravery and willpower to change and you will be congratulated for your efforts and perseverance. In turn you may have relatives and friends who will try to go vegan or will try to reduce their consumption of animal product.

Let me know of other benefits you may have witnessed as a vegan! And if you are not vegan, let me know if you’ ever consider trying to go vegan. And if not, why not? What is holding you back?

Until next time!

Sports Vegan


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