How Good is Vegan Food?

Would the key to veganism lie in food and what it tastes like? Many would suppose so and speculate that it is all a question of taste. The question is, are our taste buds registering flavours, where some are more delicious than others.? Or is it a question of adding loads of fat and sugar to a meal?

As a vegan, the taste of meat is but a memory at this point. Certain foods do sometimes remind me of the time when eating meat was of daily occurrence, and then I say: “this tastes just like meat!” as my brother shakes his head in shame. How accurate is it? Probably not accurate at all.

But enjoying fast-food, no matter which, is easy as long as you add sugar, fat and salt everywhere. This is what is noticed when eating fattier foods, the eating process is more enjoyable but the digestive process is not as smooth.

So frying vegetables in oil, even if they are vegetables is not healthy. But it is so tasty. I am used to now eating raw and reducing the amount of oil used to eat food and the difference is incredible. You feel much fuller and much more content with what has landed in your belly.

In the end, it is not about the nutrients, nor the health benefits that these dishes bring you. It is about enjoying the meal presented. Continuously eating these kinds of foods is of course unhealthy and should be avoided, but there are times, when the weather and the environment is perfect for “cheat days”. Being too strict can sometimes limit your overall happiness as a person.

Doesn’t this vegan burger look delicious?

So long,

Sports Vegan