To Animals, All People Are Nazis

On this day, the 5th of May, in The Netherlands we are celebrating “Liberation Day”. Flags are half masted and we are reminded of the horrific events of the 20th century in Europe, at the hand of dictators in Germany, Italy and the Soviet Union.

In the 21st century, we hope to never see these kinds of events to happen on our soil ever again. We hope to never see the Gulags and the Concentration Camps, which led to the holocaust of millions of Jews and hardworking Eastern Europeans.

However, there is another holocaust taking place in our current times, one that is often ignored and put aside.

“The animal agriculture holocaust”

When humans are treated like cattle, what a disgrace.

In the Netherlands, in 2012, 553 million animals were slaughtered. This in turn means that 34.6 animals are slaughtered per year for each dutch citizen. And that number is not taking into account the number of pigs and cows sold to the middle east, to countries such as Turkey.

*Central Bureau voor Statistiek — CBS

But does this mean anything to anyone really anymore? I mean these are just statistics?

As Joseph Stalin said:

Now imagine in 2017? How many more have been slaughtered in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world? As our population increases, the direct impact on animal agriculture thus follows and demand rises. The demand is exponential, and governments are not interested in changing the public opinion.

“Until a movement appears”

Often public opinions are formed through social movements, that lead to a more progressive and emancipated population. These movements are often fought and laughed out in the beginning, but once the movement gains momentum, politicians will have to propose solutions in that area, since of course, votes are what matters in the end.

If you are going to contribute to the holocaust, you must know that in twenty to fifty years, you will be left behind, as progress will catch up with you.

The public opinion, in a hundred years will look back at us and laugh, thinking how cruel and barbaric our civilisation has always been towards animals and towards ourselves. Just like we look back at our civilisation a hundred years ago and are baffled at the fact that women were treated like second class citizens. Thus make the step towards being a better person, stop eating animal products and stop supporting the industry that kills 553 million animals per year in the Netherlands.

One day, animals will be treated equally and one day compassion will come.

I will leave you with a final quote of a man of the 20th Century:

On this day, on Liberation Day (5th of May), maybe we should be the first to embrace such moral progress.

So long,

Sports Vegan