After our classwork, we start building our startup. Here is how ?

The story of how we hustled our way to build our startup ‘Curis’

“Curis, has some amazing news to share. But before the BIG announcement, we would like to shed some light on our journey so far.

My partner Arihant Dugar and I are students of Computer Science Engineering at Manipal University Jaipur. In September 2016 we had folks from Startup Village Collective (SV.CO) over at our campus. In an auditorium packed with about 100 students, Siddharth Ram spoke to us about entrepreneurship and innovation, and that was where our journey essentially began.

Arihant listening to session from our hostel

We spend the evenings discussing about the product and talk to students in our campus to take early feedback on the product. We have sessions from entrepreneurs across the world sharing their lessons, experiences which gives us great insights.

We sit in our hostels and spend time listening to SV.CO sessions, completing our targets, having product discussions and sometimes meetups to demo our not so fancy prototypes for early feedback.

Our task since then has been to build a really classy and useful product that can actually improve people’s lives. Arihant has been working on the website and application development and I have been networking, building strategies and interacting with as many people as possible.

My own dream is to be a Data Scientist and I’m trying to sharpen those skills. My role as a coder would come a little later in the product.

That is a bit about our journey with SV.CO so far.

Oh, shoot! I almost forgot. The BIG news!

What we learn at SV.CO is to continuously maintain relationships. Sanjay Vijayakumar personally takes a class on Building Business relationship which helped us a lot.

Session on the Founder Dashboard of SV.CO

We kept on updating our college management on what we were learning and doing. So, after building the website and application, we approached our University to ask for funding. We had to give an elevator pitch, explain our product and the rest of the usual things to a review committee.

Thrilled to report: Manipal University has granted us Rs.87,000 for the project.

We have now been officially incubated, provided office space and funded by the University. And the best part is, they have agreed to help us with as much funds as we want, subject to the condition that our product scales and our demands are reasonable.

When I joined college, all I had in my mind was to get a job and graduate from this college. But the moment you challenge your status quo and push your boundaries “The Magic Happens”.

On a personal level, I would like to thank Arihant for building such a wonderful product, Startup Village Collective (SV.CO) for their constant support and invaluable guidance and to Manipal University Jaipur for believing in us.

Thank you!”

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Curis’s journey with SV.CO has been amazing. Sitting in Jaipur they have travelled quite a lot in their journey of life.

225Timeline entries on SV.CO Learning platform. Read more about their journey here

4th Level startup at SV.CO : Customer Validation stage

5Office Hours

Screenshot from one of their Office Hour:

Curis Learning from Vishnu Gopal sitting in Jaipur


The story of Curis is an example to every student out there who wish to chase their dreams. Lack of Money is not an excuse but a driving force to do something lean and ambitious. Go Hustle everyday and see the Magic Happen. A Rs 15,000 investment on themselves is now worth a lakh in few months.” INVEST in YOURSELF.
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