Distributed Digital Dominance

Jul 11 · 2 min read

Today our lives are dominated by the 5 Corporate Digital Giants GAFA and Microsoft, GAFA signifies Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. These dominant digital giants became prominent during the past two decades. Microsoft has been in existence for a bit longer than that. These Digital Giants have established their dominance over our lives by controlling the way we search for, acquire, process, share and use information. They also control the way we learn, educate ourselves, entertain ourselves, work within office spaces, purchase goods and services and communicate with each other. And now with the soon to be introduced Libra of Facebook and the already launched Google Pay and Amazon Pay these Digital Giants will attempt to control the way we make financial transactions with each other. With the active use of Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis these digital giants will also attempt to control the way we make decisions in the future. We might have already experienced this by the way Amazon makes suggestions about what is recommended for us based on the in depth study and analysis of our past buyingbehavior. The same is done by Google when we search for something by throwing up advertisements that match our searches or by showing suggested videos on Youtube when we search for some videos based on what we have watched earlier. What we will attempt to do as we grow bigger, is to break this concentrated digital dominance of these Corporate Giants by diluting it through a phrase that I have coined Distributed Digital Dominance. This concept has been in my mind for quite some time. I have formed some plans to execute this in the future as we grow stronger financially and establish ourselves with wider geographical presence. Just to highlight our future digital agenda I have changed our Website’s theme to represent this.. Please see attached screenshot.. Or see it directly here.. http://www.swatcoin.network/ I will post more updates to this theme soon.

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