The U.S. Embassy Visits Varna for SWT Outreach

Mr. Stanley talks about SWT at the Economic University of Varna

On February 28, 2017 our Deputy Consul visited Varna, delivering remarks and answering questions about the program. He spoke at the Economic University of Varna to a large audience of prospective students from across the coastal region of Bulgaria.

There were over 120 students in attendance at the Q&A.

Questions and Answers

Some of the most common questions included how to reapply after a refusal, profiles of good and bad SWT students, who pays for health insurance while on SWT and how to get a U.S. driver’s license. We’ll answer these questions here in case you were not at the Varna event.

  1. How to reapply after a refusal. You may reapply after May 7th and should assure you address the reason for your prior refusal clearly. If, for example, it was due to language ability, make sure you can communicate clearly at your next interview.
  2. Profiles of bad SWT students. Unfortunately, there are applicants who are not serious students who apply for the SWT program. We look at your grades, your exams, and the number of courses you took recently and are enrolled in now. If you are not a serious student, you do not qualify for the program. We also require English-language ability at a level sufficient to facilitate exchange. If you cannot answer questions or understand the officer interviewing you, you’re likely not going to benefit from the program. Finally, if you have weak ties to Bulgaria and cannot demonstrate that you will return after the SWT program ends, you will not be issued a visa. These are some of the negatives we see in some applications.
  3. Who pays for students’ health insurance. Your health coverage is your responsibility while you are in the U.S.
  4. How to get a U.S. driver’s license. First, it is very important that students understand they may not drive as part of their SWT duties. SWT students are forbidden from driving as part of their work related responsibilities. If you want a driver’s license for your own personal use, you should check the laws in each state and follow those instructions. Laws vary by state. If you will be driving at all, you should ensure the car and yourself are covered with sufficient insurance. It is generally not recommended students drive while on SWT.
Mr. Stanley delivering remarks on the SWT program for 2017

The next SWT outreach event will be held in Sofia in March. Stay tuned for more information about that upcoming event.