Need a creative boost? Press reset and Freelance

There comes a time for every professional creative when motivation dissipates. We become sluggish and somewhat stagnant and get hung up in the little nuisances of our day-to-day tasks. We can boast of having fabulous clients, great salaries and be privileged enough to work with a fantastic team, but with time we get accommodated, and what is worst, so do our ideas. Somehow, the projects we engage with are no longer exciting and we feel like we have lost touch with our creativity. We have become so focused in sustaining our salary and client list, we inevitably lose focus on why it is we do what we do for a living — we create.

This is your wake-up call. Time to press the reset button.

The creative mind is constantly seeking satisfaction, and attains this by engaging in new activities. As a creative it is essential, if not crucial, to stay maintain this creative engagement. We manage this not only by landing competitive projects, but by challenging ourselves and exposing our skill-sets, knowledge and experience to newness. This is the ultimate value I have seen in working on freelance projects.

Taking the plunge and going freelance is never an easy decision, especially when the gig economy has become such a crowded space. But fortunately, there are endless online resources to access the freelance marketplace, proposing interesting and very competitive ways to kickstarting your freelance career.

So, what do you say? Time to go back to the drawing board and begin drafting the road ahead as a freelance digital creative? Press reset.

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