A Quick How-To “Cut Through the Noise” to Make Your Content Stand Out #SocialChat

“Our goal tonight is to find out EXACTLY how we ‘cut through the noise’ and get YOUR content to stand-out.” — Casey Markee

To start, Casey Markee made a great point about finding influencers to share your content:

“Bottom Line: make it EASY for the influencer to assist you! You do the leg work then use their network to propel your message,” said Markee.

The #SocialChat did an incredible job bringing up how you should be publishing content on platforms YOUR target audience is on. From securing and succeeding in impressing influencers, to finding which platforms work best for your business and even the use of relevant hashtags, there was a lot of advice on how to cut through noise to get to your intended audience.

My favorite topic of the #SocialChat:

To answer the question of what kind of content should we promote to influencers would be:

  • Do interview roundups
  • -Email influencers & ask for quotes
  • -Curate good content
  • -Do repurposing

~via Casey Markee

The suggestion to email influencers and ask for quotes was a new idea to me. I’ve heard of cold-calling, but never cold-emailing.

I was surprised to see Casey Markee said Facebook ads are one of the best forms of investment because of their “finite target demographics.” This resonated with me because of what we are learning about in #UFSMM. In my opinion, Twitter ads are just as good, if not better. For me at this point in my SMM career, Twitter analytics is easier to use.

In this chat, I think there were too many solutions on how to find resonating hashtags. From Tweetdeck, to Twitter analytics and to Facebook trending hashtags, all of these resources bring something to the table. I am currently writing up a communication plan for PR Writing, and a hard time i’m having is figuring out how to measure ROI and others with the right tool. Next time, I would like to know if there are any social apps that measure video feed. I also would like to know the best platform to release a video would be on.

“Seed content” = infographic, article, video, post, etc. Make the content useful to the influencer’s audience. They will share. #SocialChat” — Casey Markee

Overall, I was very pleased to see that every single thing in this chat related to what we are learning in #UFSMM. I was able to engage with other tweeters and answer some questions with knowledge of what I’ve been taught:

  • Be where your followers are
  • Get to the point
  • Don’t send long pitches as a relationship-starter
  • What times are best for different platforms

~and finally~

GIVE, don’t take!

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