The next product release will not determine your company’s future

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When activities in a company are connected and reinforce each other, competitors can’t easily copy them. This synergy effect is business 1x1 ever since Michael Porter wrote about sustainable competitive advantage in 1985.

Three and a half centuries later companies have changed; self-organized, autonomous, agile teams are on the rise…

On the organizational qualities that create a good strategy

My fascination with strategy started early. Plowing through case studies in business school showed me that long term success, or lack thereof, was the result of hard work, thorough analysis, and courageous decisions. I probably wasn’t the only one who aspired to be like Mike.

How product teams can work together to maximize impact

“Driving is easy if you are the only one the road“

… my driving instructor had many wise words to share. This one stuck with me as it is applies to so much more than driving a car.

Today, we rarely see one single product team driving product development. Instead…

The challenge of managing only parts of the product

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Product management has grown up. What used to be misplaced somewhere between Gantt charts and marketing plans, is now considered vital for developing succesfull products. We product managers started to embrace our newly gained importance, by celebrating the craft on conferences, meetups and Medium posts. …

On Thinking in Systems

I became fascinated with Systems Thinking — a school of thought that helps me make sense of complex situations, and whose tools found a place inside my product management toolbox. …

On teams working across borders

This picture was taken during one of many visits to Barcelona Airport. Credit:

It’s around 9:58 AM when I usually dial in for our daily standup. A bit early to the meeting, I’m welcomed by a computer voice:


In the following two minutes my teammates will tune in from Barcelona, Madrid, and the occasional family vacation…

aiming to improve the collaboration with one another

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“I can list at least 3 things that I will always ask when I look at your design” – unnamed developer

This quote comes from our team retrospective on improving the collaboration between our and developers. …

Increasing your creative output by embracing boredom at work

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A couple of weeks ago, I published — an ode to the creative power of boredom. The article focuses on the immediate benefits that occur once we allow our brain to zone out. …

How being bored leads to higher creativity and better decision making

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Last month I made a change to my commute: I started to leave my phone in my pocket withholding the temptation to check emails and read the news. Soon, subway windows started to substitute my apple screen. No doubt, it was boring; but this is what I wanted. …

I’ve been writing about product management a little over a year now. Last week I was on stage talking about what I wished I knew before I got started. The audience was my company’s product community at our very first Xing Product Barcamp.

I put together a summary of…

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