No Two Walks in Nature are Ever the Same

Experience the natural world around you

Go out.

Experience the natural world in your area. No need to travel hours away to a state park. No need to travel to the tourist attractions. Walk in your neighborhood. Walk in your backyard.

Stop while you walk. Listen to the birds. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Watch how the breeze moves through the trees.

Be curious about the natural world around you. How old is that tree? Where does that stream flow to? Where does that stream flow from? What is the name of that insect?

Be present on your walk. Think about what you are experiencing. Put the phone down. Don’t think about the emails you need to send. Turn your awareness to the natural world around you. Make an effort to spend some time each day with nature and in this state of mind.

No two walks will be the same. The sounds, the sights, the thoughts coming to your mind will all be different. Notice these differences. Experience the natural world around you and let it bring wonder into your life.