Take Care of Your Soil and Your Soil Will Take Care of You

Caring for Soil

I’m not just talking about testing your soil’s pH or for NPK (although that is important). I am talking about treating your soil as if it were another plant in your garden. Something to tend to, something to work with, something to touch. Not just something to dig around and move around.

Healthy soil is alive. We must treat it that way and make sure we try to keep it that way. More than just filled with worms and grubs, our soil is filled with microbes that we are just beginning to understand. The mycorrhizal relationship (I should have several posts just about this one topic), organic matter, the role of many minerals all help make up this complex ecosystem. Not to mention that soil is a pretty massive carbon sink.

I know setting up a compost system at home or collecting food waste is not a reality for most people. It takes time, space, and energy to even manage a relatively small compost pile. I just want to help point out the role and importance of soil, not only in our gardens, but also in regards to our human existence.

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