In more than half of my Political Science classes, we mention the word revolution. Time and again we refer to historical revolutions such as the famous 1789 French Revolution, the American Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Agricultural Revolution, and the Industrial Revolution; because in a deep sense they determined what…

What is extra? What is enough?What is success? Something perhaps like, coming up with a cancer treatment, finding the skull of an extinct species, having a startup that has a one-million-dollar valuation, winning the Nobel Peace Prize? Where are solutions found? How do we judge the authenticity for our work, for our aspirations?

We are here to make a choice between the quick and the dead…if we have failed then we have damned everyman to be the slave of fear.

~Bernard Baruch

The reality of being alive in today’s world is that we want to portray our lives as perfect. We download gazillions of photo editing apps to wipe out a single zit on our face, to whiten our backgrounds giving them a feel of exquisiteness. …

By all means this might be the cheesiest story that I have written.

A few years ago I read a quote that said something like, “The world is round and when you think you are at the end, you might just be at the beginning". I thought it was a…

Peace is not the absence of war but the presence of Justice-Martin Luther King Jr.

I was seated in class on Friday morning when I heard this quote. It made perfect sense in the context of a political science class that it is not enough for states to not be…


By Richard Okenye.

Hello there in room Forty-three. I am the guy who resides in the apartment space directly below you in room thirty-three. Well,used to live there anyway, because by the time you receive these tidings the wind would have already blown me off to…

Ngoiri Migwi

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