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Geo-fencing your field force or mobile asset (Illustration Credits: Egmaa)

Problem That Supply Chain Management Tackles

With the proliferation of manufacturers around the globe, friction-less premium delivery experiences with complete visibility, real-time tracking, and streamlined optimized reporting system is a requirement for every delivery logistics operations. To meet the heightened expectations from customers, the logistics industry has undergone a pivotal strategic change in its supply chain management, which is to incorporate fleet owners and shared vehicles/services into its operations. While this strategic change of democratizing operations undeniably availed them of the advantages of flexibility & accessibility, it also presented them to a whole new hostile scenario — lack of trust, security, and privacy.

Warehouses act as…

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Android Studio 3.3- I’ve updated it already! Why haven’t you?

Google kicks off this new year with a stable release of Android Studio 3.3, with noteworthy enhancements and updates for developers who thrive for quality. There are no flashy new features but significant updates aiming to reduce the number of crashes, errors and memory leaks.

“Since the last stable release, Android Studio 3.3 addresses over 200 user- reported bugs.”

Android Studio 3.3 includes refinements in each of these sectors: development, build variants, testing and of course, optimization.

Android Studio’s “Navigation Editor” feature is now stable! The navigation editor basically comes up with a visual way to construct the navigation &…

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No More Excuses, Robin!

Yes, those days are long gone when you could come up with those excuses. Whether or not you work in the software development industry, you should have, by now, heard of Docker even if you have the slightest connection with the development trend. If not, check out why it’s so darn popular! And if you’re still asking yourself why you, being a software engineer/developer, need to spare a substantially less time to learn a DevOps tool, being a stubborn developer is not a good thing. It never was.

Well, in short, Docker is a software container platform. You can create…

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Writes simple, stupid & hence, readable “okay” codes - mostly in Kotlin, Java, Python & Node.

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