Inspiring Volunteering Stories from Saakshar Summer Computing Camp — Day 4

In the series of inspiring volunteering stories, today we are publishing the story of Sonia Jaggavarapu who mentored the Summer Computing Campon Day 4.

In the digital world depending on the Internet, computers, and laptops becoming compulsory, it is our primary responsibility to digitally empower our future citizens. In a country like India, each day government is working and turning towards digital payments and digitalization of government works. For cultivating digital literacy in these bright young minds, I took a session in Summer Computing Camp to teach what is the Internet and what is Notepad. Notepad was a bit easier to make them understand than the Internet, but the biggest task is to make them learn to type. They got the point of what is Notepad, its functions, and its applications in daily life. The session went on like a walk on flowers until they start raising questions on the Notepad, to my goodness those small brains have big thoughts, fortunately, I prepared well and cleared their doubts. Teaching is not all about sharing, it’s also about learning. In the process of sharing, I came across many doubts, which were clarified by myself eventually. Initially, I used to have stage fear but teaching the kids of 8th and 9th classes made me comfortable and it made me overcome the problem of stage fear. I gave them basic knowledge on the Internet and how effectively one can use the Internet and how it could help us to turn into a mini repository.

In yesterdays afternoon session, we have conducted a competition on Notepad typing to check how much they grasped from theory session. I clarified all the little mistakes which were done by them yesterday and I’m very glad that many students learned the actual purpose of the competition. They took the competition in a sportive manner and cheered for their friends who performed well in the competition along with learning the required methodology.

Education is the premise of progress, in every society, and in every family. The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. I firmly believe that Intelligence combined with good character is the goal of true education.

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