8 Brilliant Ways Anyone can Use Year of the Startup

Omaha, NE (12/16/15) Written by Sabastian Hunt

In 1917, George Washington Carver (the great botanist and inventor) released his famous pamphlet, a how-to guide for a new product that people of the time did not fully understand how to use.

You may have heard of the product. The product was a crop: the peanut.

The how-to guide was called “How to Grow the Peanut and 105 Ways of Preparing it for Human Consumption.” In Carver’s famous work he details 105 use cases for the peanut in an effort to convince potential users of the dynamism and value in the newly developed crop.

As I sit here polishing of the second (peanut-laden) Butterfinger of the share pack, it occurs to me that people may not know how they can fully ‘use’ our new product/service called Year of the Startup. We’ve grown rapidly to 4 houses and 32 bedrooms since our start in September of 2014 which has created several new use cases so this how-to manual is long overdue.

Accelerators and VCs

1.) Housing — Accelerators in Omaha and Lincoln may be able to attract more top talent to their programs by being able to offer a simplified housing solution via Year of the Startup. We offer flexible 1,3,6,9 and 12 month leases.

2. ) Develop Talent — Accelerators get 100’s of applications and unfortunately can’t accept every good applicant — until now. Year of the Startup is positioning itself to function as the equivalent of NFL Europe or Triple A ball for accelerators and VCs. Don’t want to make a $25k investment just yet but want to have the equity option in a company still? Instead set aside $3600 to $7200 to cover a year of rent for a founder as they get their business up to speed- this saves you from missing out on the investment opportunity.

Parents with Adult Kids that Live at Home

3. ) Empty the Nest — Want to finally free yourself of parenting duties? About 1/2 of our resident founders have lived with their parents immediately prior to moving in to the startup house. Parents of founders have noted this as a“cheap and beneficial” option.

Friends of Early Stage/Aspiring Founders

4. ) Get Paid— Get a $100 referral fee if you refer a founder who is accepted to Year of the Startup. Nuff said!

Aspiring/Early Stage Founders

5. ) Live in Style — Year of the Startup just got new digs, a 14 bedroom mansion in Midtown.

6. ) A Community — With 32 bedrooms in 4 houses, Year of the Startup is a growing community. As the community grows the benefits of being part of the community increase. Individuals who don’t live in the startup house community may rent a room for office space or use the startup house as a co-working venue for a reasonable price!

Partnering Organizations

7. ) Partner Up — Are you with a nonprofit or social benefit organization? There are several ways to partner with Year of the Startup. For instance, we are working on a concept startup house for entrepreneurs in art, film, music, fashion and design. Orgs involved in these areas can partner with us to provide immediate value to their constituency and do so on the cheap!

Established and Growing Startups

8. ) Startup Employee Housing — Do you run a growing startup and want to attract new employees from out of state and save money? Companies like Flywheel would be a perfect candidate to partner with Year of the Startup in setting up a startup employee house in the Nebraska Startup Village area (3 block radius around 33rd and California). Simplify housing for employees by offering housing to your employees cheaply. This housing can be subtracted from pay — saving money on payroll and the employee lodging can be written off as a business expense resulting in a tax deduction. This process can result in profit swings of $1,000 + monthly all while building company culture!

For more information please visit yearofthestartup.com or email Sabastian Hunt at saba@yearofthestartup.com