Tears for my Mom

My mother is an example of love and a true expression of “labour conquers everything”. Having been married in a social class different from her, my father treated her with an inferiority complex. He was rude and ill-tempered. He was fiery and always unreasonable. She used to travel on foot for miles just to earn a few bucks for me and my sister. She would never tell her parents what was she facing inside; though from the inside, she was weary. Her spirits remained high though physically she was in agony. then my father died; my mom was the ONLY one we could look up to with and without my father. She settled and shifted a new house; she did all that she could… she left no stone unturned to bring us up in the perfect manner possible. Despite being weak and tired, her feet continued to tread only to find us the best scrumptious meals for the day. As i now sit here, pondering over her life, i can proudly say she is the best mom EVER! As i now am married woman, i take inspiration from her; although i feel her life could have been better had she stood for her rights at least once; i know deep inside that i am not going to suffer the same agony as my mom had to. i will do all i can to make her happy because i truly and genuinely love her…. she is and will always be my bestest friend, guide and role-model. I LOVE YOU AMMI .. ❤

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