Let’s have a sunny celebration

I am so damn proud of all of you. Shipping the car back to Germany, promoting the importance of solar energy and the work done by the team, finding successors for the World Solar Challenge 2019 – the remaining tasks seem like peanuts compared to what you’ve achieved. You drove a handmade solar car over the finish line in Adelaide!

Singing, screaming, clapping and stamping – the team and its entourage welcomed the car over the finishline. Rule 1 – no shadows on the car – might have been broken a couple of times. It doesn’t matter, there’s enough energy for today! The car made the journey, everyone got across safe and sound, this is it. Two years of hard work have led to a brilliant end result. I can just keep on congratulating you, what a job you have done. I trust all of you to change this world for the better. And the impact you’ve made here, even though perhaps not completely comprehensible yet, is incredible. Germany has a bright future ahead hosting a team like this.

Yesterday many of the teams met at the Belgian beer café. I wanted to make sure to be there and join all the other teams in celebrating the completion of this incredible challenge. Besides, it’s what they say: The night is young, and so are we.

Today, slowely but steadily my time here in Australia is ending. Just three weeks ago it was certain that I would join the Sonnenwagen team on their journey through the desert. Covestro asked me if I could bring some #pushingboundaries spirit with me to the team, and to bring back a little bit of Australian energy. I’ve learned that this team has that mantra written all over them. The past weeks were anything else but easy. As first-time competers there was no such thing as a handbook, no rules, no habits, just a great deal of spirit to get this car over the finish line and a team working together like a well-oiled machine.

I’ve been talking to a few sponsors and many of the teams — some of them prize winners — and the admiration of Sonnenwagen‘s achievement is noticeable everywhere. I know that at many different moments in the past two years, this finale seemed unreachable. I can imagine so many times when giving up would have been the simpler path to take, and I am sure not many people could have done what you did.

You built a functioning car that drives on solar power and looks like a dream, the eye for detail is remarkable and the overall feeling of the car is beyond all expectations. Afterwards you shipped it to the other side of the world. #pushingboundaries. You got the permits to drive it. #pushingboundaries. You figured out how to keep >40 people safe and hydrated in the middle of the desert. #pushingboundaries. And you made sure to have a lot of fun all along. Courageous, curious & colourful. Yes, that is the Covestrian in me coming through. ;-)

I’ll definitely make sure to follow the team on its further journey. And you might want to do the same if you’re interested in the story of some wicked engineers willing to tackle big challenges and solve them.

I cannot wait to meet up with everyone again back in Aachen, Germany.

To everyone who has followed us these past few days, thank you for all the support and kind words. And I just want to give you this last life lesson: Taking a shower is a great luxury, enjoy it!

With love,


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