We should strike out words like Omni-channel, Multichannel, Retail v. eCommerce, etc. from our vocabulary!

Yep. This is my POV and lucky for you, my latest rant!

These words cause separation and animosity within an organization. Instead of focusing your energy on product innovation, better customer service and yes — 100% towards your competition, these concepts cause internal conflict. Focusing and obsessing about better customer service, delivering new products that your customers salivate and anxiously await to give you bushels of their money and makes your competition scream should be religion 24x7 at your company.

Put the consumer at the center of your universe and be present at every one of those touch points.

A couple of highlights when you are digitally absent and are not doing table stakes (these are not a novelty anymore):

* If you are a retailer, it’s a no-brainer to do pickups/returns from anywhere/everywhere your consumers interact with you. Plenty of statistics on this data that the average spend and lifetime value of a two-channel shopper is at least 40% higher than a one channel shopper.

* For online audiences, 55% of product searches happen on Amazon and being averse to Amazon, and you miss out on huge audiences.

* Ignoring content development and marketing, you miss out on 51% of organic search engine traffic.

* 85% of emails get checked on mobile and if your email campaigns are not optimized for mobile and your site is not optimized for mobile, you miss out on lead conversion and sales revenue.

* Mobile is super essential and specific mobile apps are more important than others: Email, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Amazon. These apps dominate usage on your smartphones. Be present there.

I can keep going on and on with more stats, retail commerce (shops, online, Amazon) has to change fundamentally in an organization for them to get out of the rut of not growing and not innovating. Folks are getting in their way — they are their own worst enemy.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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