Autogynephilic and HomoSexual MtF in Asia
Rod Fleming

If anyone’s autophilic here it’s you being absolutely full of yourself. You say in black and white that autogynephilia has never been disputed? Well sorry to burst your bubble here but just because you call us activists, if our experiences to not line up with your ignorant, poorly-informed fantastical imagination of our experiences, then that’s a dispute we’re having.

Autogynephilia is merely the criminalization of having an ounce of self-respect. If you like yourself, you’re “auto-whatever-philic”. I’m sorry but do you even have the slightest idea what anti-androgens do to the body of a trans woman? Make her infertile, make her genitals shrink, make it impossible for her to ejaculate and often enough completely kill her sex drive and sexual desire. So the people who you claim — contrary to the evidence — are merely driven by sexual desire thus take medicine that not fulfills, but instead completely kills of their sexual desire for good. Wow, what a genius theory that doesn’t contradict our lived experiences in the slightest.

If you pulled your head out of your auto-anus to listened to us for a second, you’d learn that transition means an end to gender dysphoria. The troubled mind of a pre-transition trans person is freed up by solving their problems and allowing them to no longer be obsessed with their gender in the slightest. The only trans women who experience sexual arousal by transitioning steps such as female clothing are the ones who are not yet comfortable in their own skin. This “philia” you talk about? Sure, it’s a problem that has exactly one known cure: transition.

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