Spare Me Your Ancient Trans Discourse

Riley J. Dennis made a video recently about how transphobes continued to push the false narrative that she hadn’t elected to do any physical transition. This was done with the intention of claiming she wasn’t truly trans, using transphobic vocabulary such as “trans-trender” to describe her. The harassment went far enough that Riley was gaslit into believing she had announced at some point that she didn’t want HRT — evidence to the contrary exists.

Riley was forced to answer in this video that no, whether somebody chooses physical transition methods doesn’t make them more or less trans. Trans people are trans regardless if they transition at all or not.

But why should she feel the need to say this? Look at this excerpt from the book Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation.

This is Gwendolyn Ann Smith, defending trans identities against gatekeeping like “not trying hard enough”. In 2010. Yes, this book was published in 2010. SEVEN YEARS AGO.

How to trans people continue to have to explain the most basic, trodden-out arguments that we had answers to a decade ago? In 2010, the hot topics of the year were the Haiti earthquake, the Eyjafjallajökull eruption, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the Chilean miners’ rescue. Do we still discuss these topics seven years later, in 2017? Is deregulation of the oil industry still a political issue being discussed? When’s the last time you read about it in the news? All the arguments were made back then. We already know all the questions and answers to the problem of oil industry deregulation. We’ve been through this. All that is missing is political will to enact the changes that ensure the safety of our oceans.

It’s the same for trans people. We’ve said what we can say to explain our experiences. We’ve described how to properly treat us. Cis people, and transphobic trans people like Blaire White, who makes money peddling ancient trans “discourse” like continuing to deadname and misgender Riley Dennis for, to Blaire’s liking, not transitioning enough, continue to stay still. We’ve moved on. It’s time to stop letting cis people define the discourse. I don’t have to waste my time to answer questions that’ve been resolved ages ago.

This is why I write about trans issues with a trans audience in mind. If you can’t follow, get educated. Or leave us alone, honestly. Think of the progress we could make if we didn’t constantly have to deal with roadblocks like you.

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