No Matter How You Paint It (Narrative writing 2/ draft 1)

It was a cold autumn night and the wind was howling and blowing over the crowded city of Florence. Cars were passing by steadily as the loud; nightlife ambience of one of the biggest cities in Italy could be heard from each corner of the busy streets. Flashing lights were illuminating the dark sky night and the cheery murmurs of passersby’s filled the air. Both modern and old buildings managing to make a pleasant blend of originality without taking the gracefulness it held and the ambience was indeed charming.

But far away from the boisterous music, a dark silhouette of a woman with a large overcoat could be seen in the distance, her gaze fixed on the smartphone as she scrolled down over the screen. Once in a while her gaze would go up and her eyes would scan the area with such quick movements that someone would think that she was expecting to be attacked in any moment. Giving out a soft sigh, she hid her phone in one of coat’s pocket, replacing it with a lighter and a cigarette. After lighting the cigarette, she stuck it in her mouth and shoved her hands inside her pockets. Some minutes passed before another dark figure loomed from the shadows. The women, who had tiredly been looking at a stray dog, swiftly turned her head to the male who stood in front of her. Her former shocked face, slowly turned into a more mischievous kind of grin as she crossed her arms to her chest and leaned on the alley’s graffiti-filled wall.

“Well, well, well. . . look what the cat dragged in! You really did come.” She exclaimed surprised, before letting out a rather sinister sounding chuckle slip from her red painted lips. Her dark brown locks bouncing up and down swiftly due to her laugh.

The man only sneered and rolled his eyes at her comment. An uncomfortable silence followed, the only sound that could be heard was the howling of the wind along with the “shhht” sound the tip of the cigarette did. Finding the deafening silence quite annoying the brunette started the conversation, pouting out softly. A halfhearted smile was painted on her feminine features, but there was still a very distrustful aura around her. One that made anyone feel threatened by her mere presence. That smile. . .

“What’s your business here, fratellino? Did you feel bad about not talking to your big sis after such a long time? Is that it?” She chirped happily before letting another chuckle slip out. The man, now known as her brother flinched lightly by his nickname before clearing his throat and speaking with a deep and serious tone.

“I came here to tell you to stop as soon as possible. . .”

“Huh? What do mean with that, bro bro?” She asked, faking ignorance at his words.

“You know exactly what I mean, Lucille. You have to stop your doings. All this. . . everything that you’re doing is wrong. I won’t be able to cover up for you and protect you anymore. If you don’t stop. . . you’ll give me no choice but to. . . turn you in.”

“Oh, is that so, Dante? You’re going to turn me in?”

Throwing the cancer stick out to the ground and stepping on it, the woman drew closer to the man. Her eyes have become stone cold, just like the eyes of a killer; it’s as if. . . she became a completely different person in just those 4 seconds that passed. But who are we fooling, she is one, she is a killer.

“Do you know who you are talking to?” She whispered out bitterly, before her hand shoot up to grasp the male’s collar, pulling him down to her level. Gazes meeting up what may have seemed like some sort of battle over dominance. The man, however maintained unaffected and instead chose to glare at her. He wasn’t scared of her, why would he be if the person who was in front of him was hissister. His only family.

“Not only am I your older sister, but I am the boss of one of the most feared mob gangs in Italy. Thanks to me, and only to me have you managed to survive considering my boys are protecting you. A cop like you, a cop that sticks his noise in places he shouldn’t. . . no, that doesn’t belong in would’ve been shot to death already. It’s because of me that you’re alive.” Having said that, she released her grasp and pushed him away, making him almost lose his balance, but luckily he was skilled enough to prevent her from doing so. Giving out a sigh, calming herself down and nonchalantly fixing her coat, she threw on her hypocritical mask again and gave him a tender smile as if nothing happened.

“So~ If that’s what you wanted to tell me, I’ll be taking my leave, si? Ciao, fratellino~” Saying no more she turned around and waved a careless good bye with her gloved hand. A limousine that he didn’t notice before parked itself on the pavement, waiting for his sister to hop in the car. Right before he left, he saw two men appearing out of a dark and narrow corner, quickly following her. It seemed that she came with bodyguards, huh? As the limousine turned and started to move, it passed next to him. The back window was slide down and he could see his sister’s face that was holding that same grotesque grin.

“Remember, okay?” Was the only thing she said before the limousine disappeared out of sight.

From being that caring, tender-hearted and protective older sister, she changed into a more twisted version of herself.

All for his sake. 
All for her poor, orphan brother. 
All for her poor, orphan self.

We can say she changed. . . and for the worst.

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