Please Stop Erasing Us: Your Feminism or the Highway

Dear @ZenofDesign

I read your latest attempt to direct #GamerGate with some interest, but mostly amusement. I think the sooner we forget about that little mess the better!

My issue is with this post on #GamerGate as anti-feminist:

I’m not going to go through this paragraph by paragraph as the real heart of my problem with your argument is found in your section attacking Christina Sommers, who needs no introduction to anyone following #GamerGate.

“Christina Sommers, one of Gamergate’s largest self-made celebrities, is virulently anti-feminist.”

Now, see, let me explain to you what you’re doing here. This is you being dishonest. You are changing the definition of the word ‘feminist’ to suit your agenda, and conveniently ignoring the fact that Sommers is an advocate for equality and strongly supports women’s rights.

But, you cry, she doesn’t support things like crushing the gender pay gap! That’s because her research has led her to believe this gap is distorted by opportunists and individual choice is responsible for much of it (obviously this is a quick summary that does no justice to the details of the studies). You are painting this as black and white when it’s not. I assume you’re aware of her studies, so I find it very suspicious you’re choosing to define her views as anti-feminist when she has given many reasons for rejecting the narrative of third wave feminists in favour of better evidence.

I don’t believe people supporting the farce of rape culture theory are helping women or equality, but I don’t erase their identities because their vision of feminism doesn’t line up with mine.

“ At the end of the day, feminism is really about the crazy idea that women are people too.”

Framing the argument like this is pure, unadulterated bullshit and I don’t have the words to express how patronising I find that as a woman who has supported gender equality since childhood. There is so much more going on here, and you will continue to be confused as to why #GamerGate carries on going if you keep ignoring the views of people like me. I’ll happily bet I’ve personally experienced a little more misogyny than you— I don’t tolerate it, and I wouldn’t be supporting #GamerGate if it was the hive of sexism you seem to think. But I don’t agree with the agenda many in the gaming press are pushing, so I guess I must be an anti-feminist who has internalised misogyny!

You are erasing my feminism because it does not line up with yours.

You are erasing women who passionately care about equality because they do not agree with every tenet of your world-view.

If you actually want a conversation, you’ll have to treat us as people instead of casting us as villains because we have different opinions. Please be better.