The Point

At This time,when you analyze that many years past,you begin to think without any sense which makes no sense.You remember people,acts,heroes,lovers and explorers…Who were searching the light or the darkness.Trying for something.Those whoe tired in adventure and dead people in war for liberty.What we reached through these ideologies?!These roads,dirty rain,machines,vehicles fabricated minds through 9 to 6 for beer during rest time are far away from the nature which we belong to.The nature we came from and trying to be the part of,what they taught us.They scream about the secure of the nature but do not Cry as they do for money.As a child when you hear about the God whom you do not see,you think you will get rid of these talks when you’ll feel the God.We love to talk and to prove some things to other people,this is when we get upper.You reach the top by pushing people under yourself.Go ahead with the talk inside,with the music you exchange with your soul,with the rythms you produce in your heart and then even if you reach the half of the road and do not see the finish line at the moment of your death you will not have any voice in mind and peacefull outcome will be received by Them.

They pretend that they are on the right side in debates that they made without any doubt.Talks on box,voices in vehicles,and pictures we see on their faces,do not they trying to tell something?to prove?to estimate us?Mind Control for what?to buy something as their product?!!!too cheap.

Passion for lifestyle that is the production of others.Is it not possible to create your own world and to let in by special invitation?The value of You as a person,as an individual,as a human…How much do you cost without the world where you made yourself as thief?John Lock Locke,Edmund Berk,Carl Sagan,Isaac Newton,Ahmed ibn Yusuf and others whose ideas makes world move till this day…Creation,that is the reason why you have to create something inside to lighten outside without need be proved indeed,maybe just to do something.Many people came up to funerals and went without thoughts.Many of them came up to marriage table and signed the paper without thoughts.Too many people gone to war for the ideology which they did not know where came from.Huge group stole the lifestyle of those people who made dream of that and reached that with belief and faith.Many people lost their way on the highway which should take them to the aim because of the feelings or thoughts what had to be deleted from body, and many of them could not stimulate or just motivate their children to conquer.Some part of them did not want to be parent.Did you notice your place in your mind?Or I..