How did Elon Musk become so successful?

Elon Musk

See the man above?

He is Elon Musk, the real life iron man .

Sources say that growing up in South Africa, he was often bullied.Hence he hated school but loved to garner knowledge. He had finished encyclopedias, novels, physics books all by the age of thirteen. Slowly, he transitioned from there to what he is today.

Look at the wonderful representation below. It is his resume of failures.

Resume of failures- Elon Musk

After battling all these hardships, he is what he is today.If any ordinary person had faced so many difficulties, he would have given up long ago and also would most probably have killed himself.

Following qualities set him poles apart from the rest :

  • Perseverance This guy doesn’t give up.
  • Not giving a shit about failures — His sole concern in life is making the world a better place.He cares very little about his own shortcomings and he is obsessed with moving forward. Giving a crap about former failures and pondering over them is a sure-shot way to fail in your next venture.
  • Working like hell — In one of his commencement addresses, he said that when he and his brother were starting Zip2, they didn’t have the money to buy 2 computers. They rented a small apartment and they used to code 24/7 , day and night , all the time. Their website would be up in the day and Elon would code at night.
  • Not caring what other people think — In one of his interviews, he said that when he was planning to start SpaceX, one of his close friends compiled a short film showing rockets blowing up in mid-air. This was to deter Elon from his next venture. Did he give a shit? No. Today, he is planning to colonize Mars.
  • Focused on his sole goal of changing the world for better — After receiving $180 million proceeds after selling PayPal , he invested all the money in 2 of his new companies. He said that he had to borrow money for rent. With that much money, any other person would have bought a private mansion and settled in Maldives. Did he care about the money? No. He was laser focused on his goal.

And look at him today. He is richer than all the cofounders of PayPal. He isn’t afraid of blowing up cars, rockets.

You wanna make an omelette, you gotta break some eggs.

That is because he never stops. No wonder he has founded 7 companies by the age of 45.That is inhuman.

He is always moving.He is building, blowing things up, again building.

Most people stop after blowing up things.

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