What should we do when we get stuck in making decisions?

The level of your decision-making depends on the level of your competency.

There are two kinds of decision-makers in this world :

  • Those who take a decision and make it right- Careful! I know it sound kinda cool but these kinds of people are extremely confident that they can handle both sides of the coin i.e, they are highly competent in facing the consequences. They are like-”Fuck It! I can deal with either one.” They simply go with their instinct. Most often they do not have to resort to Plan B.

In psychology, these kinds of people are called satisficers. They can make decisions quickly and don’t dwell on the outcomes. These guys are not crippled by the question of “What If?

  • Those who think a lot about a decision , go through all the options before finally settling- I hate this class of decision-makers. Why? This is simply because they are incompetent.

In psychology, these kinds of people are called maximizers. Maximizers dwell a lot about a decision. They spend considerably more time in the anxious and stressed decision-making process than satisficers. They are highly likely to play out every scenario– stressing over “what if’s?” .

Because of time constraints , maximizers often feel they were not given suitable time to fully comprehend a situation before making a decision, hence, ultimately end up less happy with their decision than satisficers.

It may seem that maximizers have a better decision-making rate but No! Their overthinking kills the game. Statistically, the satisficers are not only happier with their decision but also more likely to be really good at it.

So decide for yourself what you are . Are you competent or incompetent?

If you are incompetent, life is not gonna be good to you, let alone the decisions. And once you are competent, go with the first class of people. They lead better and more fulfilling lives.

Originally published at www.quora.com.