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In business, we have three degrees of strategy: the business strategy, the customer strategy, and the marketing strategy.


We must first focus on the company in itself. You should describe what the mission is. In the mission, you’ll take care of what is you core business. For instance, at Digital Advice Group, our mission is to create and deliver value by adapting companies in the digital world. By creating and delivering value, we mean explaining and giving the tools to use digital supports in the best way.

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The second step is to set the goals. We often speak about OKR’s, for Objectives and Key Results. It is a method of defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes. Do you know this famous acronym “SMART”? Objectives must be simple, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bounce. Key results are the ultimate intention of your company. We will speak about this method later when we set the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). In our organization, our aim is to gain awareness, sell more and save time through automation and process. According to our vision of business, the quality of products and services have to be the highest as possible. By the way, our purpose for customers is quite the same.


Now we will focus on customers, or more important, the target. You will provide value by putting yourself in your clients’ shoes. You have to describe the online value proposition. In this part, you’ll explain why your customer will care about you. In our company, Max, my co-founder, found this sentence: “Our mission is to give you the tools and the knowledge to understand the web and its interactions.” It is responding to a need in our country, Belgium. People do not understand the Internet, and they are afraid! So it is what we call the shared value, it is like the product market fit in the startup business. Our mission fit with the needs of our target.

Shared Value

The shared value is the crossover between your business goals and your customers’ goals. It is where you meet your customer because you provide a product they want, and you can explicitly tell them.

The shared value of Digital Advice Group are:

The structure of Digital Advice Group

Firstly, the technology and marketing department. It seems that in many agencies, they have marketing resources and outsource the development of technologies. Sometimes, it is the opposite; they internalize the technology part, and they do not have internal marketing guys. For us, it did not make sense! You develop a product people want; you have to create the value with the purpose of the product, the technology you use and the creativity generated by the teams. It is how it works in our company!

Secondly, we are convinced that the future is interactive. We know that customers will interact with brands and be closer and closer towards the companies they follow. It is why we decided to provide two kinds of offer for the market:

  • Interactive products, such as platform, applications, software, and so on.
  • Interactive services, like campaigns, strategy to engage communities and action plan to be sure to be present for the long-term.

On the other hand, interactivity allow us to learn about what our customers want, why they want it, and how to be better and better day after day. We always tell our clients that they have to give information to the consumers, they have to be transparent and open their knowledge to them. It is how we create a relation, and it is why they will come to you instead of a competitor.

Last but certainly not least, methods and values. We are from the startup world, so we are familiar with the lean, scrum, inbound methodologies. All of us are growth-hackers, and we are pretty sure the future of marketing is iterative and data-driven. For the values, it is clearly ethics, deliver excellent products for the right price, being more partners than providers, co-create with our client in opposition of executing for the customers. All that stuff is genetically linked with the foundation of our company.

To summarize, Digital Advice Group is differentiating itself by the structure, the vision, and the methods with a sharing value ;)

What do you think about our positioning? The methodology we use? The way we see the agency of tomorrow? Moreover, do you have a piece of advice to give me for my next articles?

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